In our previous editions of Wrap With Scraps, we have talked about how we reuse materials from past projects to enhance the look of wrapped gifts and homemade cards. The many scraps we have lying around come in handy when it comes to making cards and tags for various occasions especially when we are in a pinch for time. Our lives are generally jam packed full of events to attend , and we never like to show up empty handed. From birthdays to Bat Mitzvahs, to baby showers … We have attended it all and for each of the gifts showcased below, we have included a touch of our favorite metallic. Go for the gold!


gifts 11

gifts 12

These feather dusted birthday gifts were for a set of sisters whose special days are close together and were celebrated at one party. We find that places like TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshalls usually have a supply of really fun wrapping papers at amazing prices! We added some gold ribbon and a matching tag to each just for fun!

gifts 13

gifts 14

Another great wrapping paper with a touch of gold and some festive pineapples! Tags were made by cutting out the main feature and securing it to a piece of cardstock. A gold foil letter differentiates the two as do the pink and blue over-sized tulle bows.

Bat Mitzvahs

gifts 15

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This gift was beautifully wrapped especially for Olivia (of our Vintage Disneyland Bat Mitzvah). We decided to stick with the theme and the overall color scheme in creating her card as well. It helped that we had a few scrap stickers (that were used on her personalized popcorn boxes) lying around to make this look especially Disney-esque!

gifts 16

A matching card was made for her mom and dad for working together with us on this special event Side by Side!

Baby Showers



Tami found this gorgeous baby card at Home Goods and could not resist buying it. Of course, that did not mean she had to slack in the creativity department. If you buy a card, why not decorate the envelope? Scrap flamingo wrapping paper (as seen on our 2014 post, T Side / L Side: Holiday Wrapping) and some more gold sticker letters were oh so much fun to use for this baby shower gift! As was what she purchased to put inside …We might just know a thing or two about twins!


Lauren also attended a baby shower this month and went very boy with her wrapped look! We love how she included just a small touch of gold to the otherwise matching tag!

Next time you find yourself attending a birthday, Bat Mitzvah, or baby shower, don’t go running off to the craft store to replenish your supply. Remember these tips: Keep scraps handy (you never know when they will be useful), a handmade card or tag will always make a loved one feel special, and a touch of gold will go a long way. With these tips in mind, your gifts are sure to be remembered for more than just what’s inside.


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