On Monday (as seen in our featured post, Wild Wicked West), we shared details from this year’s western themed Halloween decor. We also mentioned that this year we once again planned a truly magical event (along with a very talented list of vendors) to go with this theme. Our vision while planning for this year’s Halloween party was to go all out in a very casual rustic way by bringing in talent, activities for both the kids and adults, and lots and lots of hay bales and barrels. We believe all of these things were accomplished by bringing in each individual who was the best of the best at their craft. Guests enjoyed a backyard BBQ feel taken to the next level. Here are the details …

Our doorman from Steven Petrarca Events was necessary in making sure to keep this event exclusive. Only the most decked out cowboys and cowgirls were invited to attend (aka 200 of our client’s closest family and friends).

Upon entering the party, guests were greeted with a spooky walkway filled with fog and a few more of LA Circus‘ fun props.

This large grass area was set up with small seating areas (low and high) for guests to take a seat while eating their BBQ meal. We included tons of wine barrel cocktail tables, table overlays made of burlap, wooden chairs, and even two over-sized straw sofas. So cool! Shout out to all of the rentals companies who provided their very best service and supplies; Signature Party Rentals, Imperial Party RentalsYorba Linda Feed Store, and Evans Family Barrels.

On each table, we included a mason jar filled with sun flowers and some bloody body parts, red and clear votive candles, blood-stained bandanas, and some spooky surprises. 

These signs served their purpose of directing guests towards all of the fun activities and things to do that this party had to offer. 

Wine barrel bars were set up for adults to enjoy hard ciders and other specialty cocktails. 

Great pride was taken by all those who helped to select each of these root beers, cinnamon whiskeys, and spirits. To say that even the smallest detail stuck with the theme is a complete understatement. 

The kids had their own bars as well; one with drinks and one with snacks … Take a chip, if you dare! There was an actual hand that would pop up through this chip bowl and give the taker a little trick! If you really dare, you would eat one of these critter snacks made from real crickets and creatures.

We guess this pup wasn’t really missing (or wanted) after all … Or is that why she is in costume?

The photo booth was the perfect place to stop and snap a quick pic! Our friends at Cliques Photo Booth provided props (such as cowboy hats and lassos) as well as immediate black and white printed keepsakes for all of the guests.

This upper area was turned into the saloon. Large swinging doors, bales of hay, and professional Blackjack and Poker tables could be found here.  

The dealers got in character too! Each put on a mustache, bandana, and a cowboy hat and were ready to roll! Guests loved playing against their families, and the kids even had a few tables of their own with fun prizes.

The BBQ buffet dinner was a huge hit as well. Rosie’s provided tri tip, pulled pork sliders, corn cobbettes, potato salad, and slaw. Other BBQ favorites were devoured as well; ribs from Craig’s, chicken and mac ‘n cheese from Honey’s Kettle Fried Chicken, and some good ‘ole beans made right at home. The options were endless and so delicious!


Shout out to Skye for planning some really awesome crafts for the kids to enjoy including mini pumpkin decorating, shrunken heads in jars, and more.

The lights, fog, and old westerns on the big screen that were set up by Party Layne Events were vital in setting the scene for this next activity …

What is a western themed event without country line dancing? DJ Michael and Kyle from Oil Can Harry’s got the crowd on their feet to each country beat! This was by far the most fun to watch from a hay bale on the side and take part in right there on the dance floor.

The zombies came out for their favorite tune as well … Thriller!

Kathy and her Critters were called upon as well to make sure that all guests had a good time. That is if your idea of fun is sticking your hand in a jar full of moving meal worms!

In addition to making up all of the zombie actors she cast, Bria and her crew provided scars and gore for guests in their beautiful make-up area complete with light up mirrors.

Each actor brought personality and charm to this event taking pictures with guests and staying in character as much as possible.

All guests stopped by the candy and dessert bar on their way out. There was something for each sweet tooth in the bunch! We especially loved Rosie’s famous brownies and cornbread, the sliced watermelon, pumpkin tartlets, mini cupcakes, and tons of custom western themed M&M’s. 


What a fabulous evening! This was truly a team effort! Each of this event’s vendors made the theme their own and went to great lengths to make each guest happy. We especially want to give a huge shout out to Ryan and Ryan for their patience and expertise. Hope ya’ll enjoyed the inside scoop on everything this party had to offer as well! 

All photographs taken by Dewey Tann of Cliques Photo Booth and Joel Danto of Danto Photography


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