Over the past six years, we have been working to come up with new themes to decorate the front yard of this home for Halloween (seen on our previous posts: Haunted GraveyardHaunted CircusHaunted HollywoodHaunted Pirates, and Greek Mythology with a Haunted Twist). As this year’s project quickly approached, we challenged ourselves to come up with something that would be unexpected and even bigger, better, and more scary than the previous years. Once we settled on an overall theme, we began working together with this very special family and a team of talented vendors to create a Halloween scene like no other including large rented props, sound, fog machines, loads of lights, the scariest characters we could find, and the most hay bales anyone has ever put on their front lawn (300 to be exact). What we were most excited for this Halloween though, was to not only create a concept and bring it to life in this family’s front yard for all to see, but to once again plan a Halloween party in the same theme for their guests to enjoy.

Although Halloween is over, and we are all getting ready for the next upcoming holidays, this post is worth the wait and full of details from our Wild Wicked West display #sbsdesignhalloween (Party details are on their way too … Check back on Wednesday!).

Two donkeys and their weary farmer are found way out at the edge of this over-sized lawn. We love working with LA Circus for all of their large props that they provide, but it is the small details that really make the biggest difference. You wouldn’t believe all of the old fashioned farm tools they had just lying around ready to be used for this specific theme.

We hope this cowboy and his bull don’t get a snake bite! Aren’t they spectacular?!

As we mentioned, we ordered 300 hay bales from our friends at Yorba Linda Feed Store. When they started coming by the truck-full we had to get real creative with how to display each one. This scary skeleton calf finished off the look.

You can’t have cowboys without horses! We love this mix of old beat-up carousel with the skeleton kind.

This wagon, though, takes the cake! Especially with creepy crawlers coming from inside.

We set up a viewing station for the undead to watch old black and white westerns.

Here’s a few of our favorites … We just couldn’t resist this horse mask! A little humor goes a long way on Halloween night!

These steam punk guys are just too cool for words!

A hay-lined walk up to the front door and loads of wine barrels too! By now (if you have been following this project for a while), you might have noticed that these zombie girls always make an appearance. We like to leave a little bit of us in our displays. This year, their matching hats and bloody cowgirl gear were a perfect finishing touch!

The boy who calls this place his home took great pride in creating these wanted posters to decorate the trees outside. He used his family dog as the culprit and made each sign with a different picture. 

The sheriff and his pet vulture keep watch over the front door and just how many chocolate bars each trick-or-treater trys to get their hands on.

Fog and lighting were key in making this display come to life. Shout out to Party Layne Events for their audio visual expertise!

These boots were made for walking! 

What brought this saloon to life were the fun strung lights, the old west backdrops for passers by to take photos in …

… and these two kooky banjo players!

The last area was turned into the graveyard. Another fun photo backdrop was used here as well. Ever wanted to take your pic in county jail?

Piles and piles of bones came spilling out of this hay bale cave. Keep your distance from this area after dark!

See what happens when you go mosey-ing around a graveyard! They got this cowboy and his little dog too!

We filled this cart with bloody body parts … So gross!   

Just in case this display wasn’t scary enough, zombie cowboys were set free to roam the property the night of our big event.


Shout out to Bria, Kyle, and Michelle for doing such an amazing job with casting, make-up, and costumes! These zombie cowboys and cowgirls looked the part and stayed in character the entire time.

The party is just getting started! Stay tuned for more from this fabulous event on Wednesday here at Side by Side Design!

All photographs taken by Dewey Tann of Cliques Photo Booth and Joel Danto of Danto Photography



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