Written by: Lauren

My little girls turned three a couple weeks ago, and we wanted to make sure to have a party for them this year that they would really enjoy. Last year at this time, we were in the middle of a big move, and I hate to admit that I’ve let the mom guilt get to me this past year. I knew I wanted to do something really special for the two of them, but as the weather has been abnormally rainy and cold these last couple months, we didn’t know what to expect with an end of February date. We opted to pick an indoor space and knew that Apex for Kids would be the perfect choice. When selecting a theme, I decided to go with unicorns as all of my girls are obsessed and I love doing something just a little bit magical.

Party ready, but not the easiest thing to get a good picture of these two. Tami bought Cara and Sienna these gorgeous tulle skirts from my favorite Cotton On Kids and I thought it would be fun to dress them down just a bit with some cute T-shirts with even better sayings.

I scoured Los Angeles for these awesome iridescent table cloths and was so excited when I finally found them. I knew they were just the right thing to tie the whole look together. I kept the rest of each table simple with just some fun napkins and these awesome unicorn horn party hats.

Pro Tip: To make unicorn horn party hats, all you have to do is unassemble a regular party hat and reassemble tighter to resemble a unicorn horn. I know, brilliant right?

I liked the idea of the centerpieces being something functional, so I created a fun “unicorn mix” that I came up with myself, added a scoop, some cups, and a unicorn wand, and I must say everyone loved it!

For those of you wondering what was in my special mix … My favorite recipe of sweet Chex Mix I make for the holidays, Lucky Charms cereal (I omitted the four leaf clovers and am saving them for a special St. Patrick’s Day treat), yogurt pretzels, mini marshmallows, white chocolate chips, Easter colored M and M’s, pastel colored star sprinkles, and my personal favorite detail … Bugles because they look like unicorn horns.

Apex for Kids really has a great system when it comes to parties. In fact, they have it down to a perfect science. All of the kids had such a great time and Sienna was no exception! This little three year old is a bit adventurous and fearless. I think she tried everything they have to offer but really enjoyed letting loose in the ball pit!

Cara’s smile never left her face! She had so much fun at her party and is in fact still talking about it! A zip line for kids? So much fun!

I really kept this party low key. Cara and Sienna’s friends from school were invited along with our immediate family, and we all enjoyed a delicious dinner from Fresh Brothers. Easy Peezy!

I know I went a little crazy with all of the iridescent details …

… and the girls sure loved their cake!

For the party favors, I created little boxes with rainbow handles that held different unicorn items I purchased online; a sticker sheet with all of the pieces to make your own unicorn, unicorn fruit snacks, chocolate, and a marshmallow horn, as well as fun unicorn goop.

This was probably one of the easiest parties I have ever thrown, and I have Apex for Kids to thank for that! Their staff is incredible. In fact, I got overwhelmed because I am not used to having as much help as I did. I would highly recommend this spot to anyone who asks and love that I was able to create a couple of personal details to make Cara and Sienna’s party really reflect them. Not only was the theme sweet like my little girls but the space allowed them to be playful and have tons of fun. What more could I ask for?


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