After over a month of construction, Lauren and Scott’s home remodel project is almost complete and they can’t wait to see it finished. Lauren said she can really relate to her clients best while her own home is under construction. It is not fun living amongst dust, dirt, and people in and out of your home, but the end result is well worth it. Here is a sneak peek into the renovations. We cannot wait to share the finished pictures with all of you.

Master Bedroom 

The main components for the redesign in the master bedroom consisted of; creating an all new closet, replacing an existing window with french doors, adding a pocket door leading into the bathroom, building new furniture (dresser, nightstands, and headboard), and a fresh paint job. In our previous post, Master Bedroom Inspiration, we show inspiration photos detailing Lauren’s initial design for this space. She used the majority of her original ideas and changed a few to create a beautiful and modern sanctuary where she and her husband can relax.
The original closet was gutted, extended, and recreated.
A new pocket door creates an entryway into the new and improved master bathroom. 
Master Bathroom

There was nothing appealing about the old bathroom from the 50’s with it’s original peach colored plumbing fixtures and tile. The much needed remodel included everything from new tile and flooring to cabinetry, modern plumbing fixtures, recessed lights, a glass shower enclosure, and even a new toilet. In our Bathroom Remodel Inspiration post we showed inspiration pictures for the cabinetry style as well as some of the other main details she planned to incorporate in this room. We also showed specific materials and fixtures already purchased for this space.
Demolition begins in this bathroom from the late 50’s.
The layout stays the same, but the look will be drastically different.
… and the toilet stands alone.
Cement is poured before the tile can be set.
A sneak peek at the new clean lined modern bathroom.
Guest Room
The bedroom layout will basically stay the same, however the placement of the door entering the bathroom needs to be moved a few feet to accommodate the new bathtub. A face-lift is in order for this bathroom as well. It will feel refreshed with it’s new flooring, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, and crown molding.
 The shower is being replaced with a bathtub, and the old tile has got to go!
The old narrow countertops do not even fit today’s sinks. Our dad built a beautiful new cabinet for this space, and we can’t wait to see it in person. 
Lauren and Scott feel blessed to have such talent in their families. Our dad has been at the condo overseeing this project each and every day gathering subcontractors and materials for each part of the job. Scott’s dad has ensured that all of their plumbing and electrical fixtures are top notch. The best part for Lauren has been seeing her vision come to life while being given the opportunity to work “side by side” with her dad, something she has waited a long time to do.

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