The first time we stepped foot in this “trailer” we were … let’s just say, less than pleased. It was old, broke down, stinky, and down right dirty, and when our dad told us that this would become the next family project, we were ready to opt out. However, we do enjoy a challenge, and apparently so does he. For the last month and a half, an amazing amount of sweat and tears have gone into creating the most incredible “trailer” we have ever seen. We have decided to write a post about the process of this renovation to show you just what we are talking about including inspiration for the finished product (which we can’t wait to share when it is completed), before photos (just in case our description wasn’t enough of a visual), and more photos to show the process and the hard work that has gone into it.
Outdoor Inspiration
These inspiration photos depict the overall feeling we are going for, but not necessarily the color scheme. We love the wood-paneled walls, the sliding glass doors, the loose gravel pathway, and the strings of lights overhead.

See what we mean? … and this doesn’t even do our description justice!
In Process
The house has undergone quite a transformation already. From the new siding and insulation to the addition of the back deck and front porch, you can hardly recognize it from what it was before.There is even a top deck with a great view which will be the perfect spot to watch fireworks this Fourth of July.
Indoor Inspiration
While the boys work on the construction, us girls have been busy putting together inspiration boards to make the interior feel cozy yet modern. Our brother, Noam, has been very hands-on in this personal project selecting everything from big screen TV’s to tile and finishes. His girlfriend, Ashlee has been busy “pinning up a storm” to our shared secret board and purchasing accessories to make the home warm and inviting. This inspiration board shows the colors, finishes, and the overall feel the space will have once done.
The kitchen was originally so small and closed in that we could not even imagine cooking a meal there. All of the appliances and finishes needed updating and even the layout could be improved upon.
This wall has been removed to provide for a more open space plan. An island will eventually replace it to include more storage and seating space. This will also allow for a more spacious living room and dining area.
The laundry has been relocated and this space will be used for the cook top and refrigeration, again opening up the kitchen to make it more inviting.
All of the bathrooms are being updated with new cabinetry (courtesy of Jackie Bitton Fine Woodworking) and new plumbing and lighting fixtures with a crisp, modern feel.
In Process
Our favorite changes to the common area include the raised ceiling over the dining area and the sky lights. These make the space feel bigger and brighter. However, these are just a few of the many changes which include; re-piping and rewiring, all new LED lights throughout, the addition of a fireplace, built in shelving, a complete speaker system, new windows and doors (and pocket doors in some areas), TV niches, new flooring and finishes, new appliances and plumbing fixtures, new light fixtures, new heating and air conditioning units, and all new drywall throughout.
In Process – extension to the side of the building
As the original master bedroom and bathroom has been transformed into a guest suite, complete with kitchenette and private deck, a new master bedroom was in order. Our dad devised a plan to add 350 square feet (to the original 1,120 square feet) to the left side of the home to not only enlarge the existing guest bedroom but to add a new master bathroom and office area.
While this project is technically a “trailer” (it even has a license plate), you would never be able to tell by the look of it! We are happy to announce that it is coming along quite nicely, transforming at lightning speed, and we are sure its residents cannot wait to move in.

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