Written by: Lauren

Here’s the last bathroom in our Under Construction: Modern With Antiques tour. Today we are sharing one of my favorite rooms to design in a home … the powder bathroom. I think it’s the one space you can do whatever you want, treat it as a jewel box, go completely over the top, or do something unexpected, and that’s just what we plan to do! 


Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good photos of this horribly painted bathroom before the demolition, but this picture does a good job of showing its location (immediately next to the front door) and the in process photos will give you a peek at what was there as well … Let’s just say, the whole bathroom was sponge painted pink (including the door), and the bamboo detailing was just not my thing!

In Process

We decided to move the door to the bathroom so that you see the main focal wall upon entering it and to create a larger wall for art in the front entry space. Because of the angled wall, we lost the existing coat closet that was here but gained a bit of a bigger bathroom, which is a win in my book.

Nothing will remain the same in this space. We will be starting fresh with a new toilet, a new sink and counter, wood flooring to match the rest of the house, and complete marble walls with a few fun lighting features.

Powder Bathroom Inspiration

Here is the inspiration board for our little jewel box of a bathroom. I think it’s safe to say that is exactly what it will become. 

So far this week we are busy focusing our time on ordering all of the plumbing fixtures for all of the bathrooms and the kitchen in this home, and I will be meeting later in the week with our amazing marble fabricator to go over all of the details for both marble bathrooms as well as the kitchen. This project is truly a dream project for me as it has been incredible to be such an integral part of each decision along the way. Stay tuned to see how it all unfolds.

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