Written by: Lauren

Today we met at this construction site for the final electrical walk through. Each step is exciting in its own way. We spent a lot of time while we were there ironing out details for the master bedroom as well, and I figured I would highlight it today as it is in the forefront of my mind. I feel like every time I start one of these posts, I say this is my favorite room. It’s just so hard to choose … They are all so good!


I love the architectural details in this space, but prefer the more squared off elements rather than all of the curved details. We have removed some of the unnecessary curves along the stairwell, and it is already looking so much better.

Once again, all of the shutters have been removed leaving the space lighter, brighter, and more open. 


This fireplace is gone, and in its place we are planning for a more modern model with glass and a remote. There is no way this stair railing was to code. How scary is that? … Don’t worry it’s gone too!

In Process

We are closing up this small window leaving a nice wall for a large piece of art at the entry. 

This is our bed wall, and we plan to do a headboard that is completely over-the-top!

Gorgeous draperies will give this couple a dark place to sleep at night and will be open all day as to not obstruct the view. 

We selected gorgeous black marble for the fireplace wall. I think it will frame off the TV and the fireplace perfectly and tie into the marble master bathroom as well.

So much better already, but nothing compared to how it will look with the sleek gold stair railing we are planning for.  

Master Bedroom Inspiration

Here is the inspiration board I put together for this space. I love how light, bright, and inviting it is. We haven’t selected every single item yet, but these are the main ones we keep returning to in our search … and I am not mad about it either!

We’ll keep you posted as this project continues to evolve. There are still spaces to share including the loft you see a glimpse of here. We will be featuring that space on Wednesday to show how it ties in. For more information on our design services email us at info@sbsdesignla.com.


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