Written by: Lauren

If you have been following along for a while now, you have definitely heard us talk about one of our most special interior projects to date. The Modern with Antiques Home may not be the largest project we are working on right now, but it without doubt has the most attention to detail of any project I have ever worked on. The clients have spent countless hours (more like years) making this house extra special and I have been on this journey alongside them every step of the way. The space that I feel was the most intricate in planning is the master bathroom. The design has evolved slightly but more or less stayed true to our original concept (as seen in our previous post, Under Construction: Modern with Antiques Master Bathroom) and I absolutely can’t wait to see it completed. I thought it would be fun to share an update on the design, the construction, and where we are today so you can see just how much thought has gone into one little room. Enjoy!

As I mentioned, the overall concept for this room has stayed the same. These materials were selected from the very beginning. The faucets and other fixtures as well, but small details have changed. Originally, we thought to add a freestanding mirrored vanity table between the two marble sink cabinets. That concept changed as I, along with the clients, decided that might get a little too busy and take away from the overall look. The next wave of thinking was to simply put an integrated marble counter with two drawers built in between the two marble sink cabinets. We have now made our final decision on this matter resting somewhere in between the two options. The vanity counter will be installed as discussed but will be mirrored now going back to the original concept and adding just a little bit of bling to the space.

As you can probably guess, creating an all marble bathroom (especially using this large of a pattern) has to be completely thought out from the start. Our fabricator, Sistone, creates drawings before the project even begins and takes the photos of the actual marble slab that they then superimpose into the drawing to show how the finished project will actually turn out. In one of our meetings, the fabricator took the drawings they had produced and created these little mock-up models to give us an even better visual of how the marble will connect in real life.

Here’s how the cabinets are turning out … Pretty cool, huh?

All of the gorgeous marble walls have been installed. Even in the water closet!

This view shows the sloped flooring that went inside the shower so that we were able to not enclose it with glass (So much thought put into that as well!). The floating marble bench with an integrated drain below along with one of the coolest features in the bathroom … These windows actually fog up and become opaque when you flip a switch, and return to clear when you flip it back.

We are still working out the finishing touches for this bathroom, but we recently bought this gorgeous Mongolian hide to use on the vanity chair … This client is so over the top. I love it!

It’s amazing to see this project finally coming together. We have poured so much time into each and every detail which makes it that much more special. For more information about our design services contact us at info@sbsdesignla.com


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