Written by: Lauren

Last week, we featured the master bedroom in our Under Construction: Modern With Antiques series. In that post, we mentioned the loft space in that room, and we are so excited to share how that space ties in. You’ve waited long enough! Here’s a sneak peek at the construction thus far and our plans for this part of the room.


We mentioned this before, but there is no way this stair railing would pass code, and there is no way I would let my kids up those stairs with the railing the way it is. This detail has already been removed and plans for its replacement are absolutely stunning!

The loft space will be used as the couple’s personal office, but we still didn’t love the current look. All of these bookcases and even the shutters have been removed and will be replaced with something less heavy and much more elegant.

In Process

You can see that the stairs have been completely brought back to bare bones. All of the awkward curves have been removed, and we get a fresh start.

New recessed lights have been installed, and the room is ready to come to life. 

Loft Inspiration

The loft inspiration is pretty straight forward. A place to work that is anything but boring, a gorgeous brass stair railing, an interesting carpet on the stairs (We are picturing a high pile shag in a rich color way), gorgeous wall-to wall bookcases either in black lacquer, glass, or some combination of the two, and a gorgeous desk. It’s so over the top just like my clients like it!

There are so few clients out there that have the guts to design a space with this much character. These particular clients like to think outside the box (literally) and push the boundaries. I absolutely love it! There are still a few spaces to share each with its own personality and character. Please follow along as we continue to work on this dream project! For more information on our design services email us at info@sbsdesignla.com.


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