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It’s always fun when you get to work on a project from start to finish, and as I have mentioned in our previous post (Under Construction: Modern With Antiques Entry), this is one of those projects. I’m taking you through the construction phase one room at a time to show you our inspiration and some in process photos and can’t wait to see how the finished product turns out. I love all of the unique details we are planning for their kitchen, and thought you might like a sneak peek …


Everything in this kitchen is being changed except for the overall layout. We are raising the ceiling, the wallpaper is long gone, and we plan to brighten the space through lighting and metallic cabinets. The shutters have been removed, that dark green tile … GONE, and did I say new appliances? 

Besides the fact that this kitchen is majorly outdated, it simply does not go with the overall look and style we are trying to achieve!

We have removed this brick area and will be adding a door to our new pantry in its place … 

… like I said, EVERTHING must go!

In Process

See, I warned you! 

This wall will house a stainless and brass La Cornue stove with custom hood, brand new silver leaf cabinetry, and a gorgeous wall of white marble. 

This wall will be completely built out housing all of the refrigeration, an oven and microwave drawer, a beautiful door into our new pantry, and some glass overhead cabinets. 

This is a view from the living room into the kitchen. This wall will be closed back up, but this part of the kitchen will be our breakfast nook. 

 Kitchen Inspiration

The large picture on my inspiration board is the main inspiration we are using. We loved this silver finish so much that we decided to come up with a way to do something similar ourselves. The marble we selected is similar as well but a little bit more simplistic, and I love how they mixed modern stainless steel appliances with brass accessories. I would even love to incorporate an oversized piece of art with an over the top frame in the breakfast area. All of the other photos here represent the different elements we plan to incorporate in our finished space from the wood flooring to the pantry door and we love the pop of fun color (maybe for the breakfast chairs).

As you can see from the photos, the demo is complete and we are on the verge of bringing this completed kitchen to life. So much thought has gone into every detail, and I love being such an integral part of its journey. More spaces that are under construction from this Modern With Antiques home coming soon!

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