This past weekend, we took yet another trip out to Lauren’s in-laws to check on the progress of their place and make decisions for the next steps in the design process. As there are usually a few weeks between each of these visits, it is truly exciting each time to see the new developments and progress made. Although Robyn and Joel might not agree, we feel that their house is really starting to look like a home. Many of the cool design features we have planned for are completed at this point and we can finally see an end in sight.
When we started this process, Lauren’s in-laws went back and forth with their contractor trying to decide whether it would be worth it to add onto the house at this time. They were interested in creating a separate wing just off of the game room (as seen in our previous post Under Construction: Modern Dream Family Room) to house a home theater, craft room, and a bathroom easily accessible to those out by the pool. They decided, why not?
In Process
theater 1
The home theater was built to have a very simple layout. Two windows face the view, which unfortunately (due to the nature of the space) will be covered the majority of the time. A platform was added for maximum viewing pleasure, and the rest of the space will be enhanced through the various design elements we have planned.
Once all of the final plans were made for the room, the seating platform was changed. We decided two rows of seats would better fit the space. The walls were prepared for upholstery, the electrical component was completed, and Joel met with the audio visual specialist to come up with a complete equipment list. After all, a theater is really just any old room without the proper equipment, everything else is just for fun.
theater 10
theater 11
During this past visit, we were so excited to see that the wall upholstery is almost complete. We selected this gray micro-suede to give the room a clean, polished, and ultramodern feel. The wall upholsterer is coming back this week to complete the job. He is installing strips of the carpet we are using on the blank columns which will house sconces for lighting. In addition, the carpet will get installed this week … we can’t wait to see how it looks!
Theater Inspiration
theater 12
These bright, red chairs are sure to stand out against the gray walls, but the green door just might steal the show. We selected this funky carpet pattern in order to tie everything together giving this couple (who love color) a room they are sure to enjoy. The silver sconces are another whimsical detail that give this space one more fun element to make it unique.
As we are finally getting close to completing the Under Construction portion of this series, we are growing more and more excited. We have just two more areas to share including the craft room and the gorgeous office we are working on with our dad. However, don’t you worry, this just means we are getting that much closer to showing you the finished product. Each of these spaces truly has its own unique character while staying true to the overall look and feel of the design. We are beyond excited for Robyn and Joel to move out of the one bedroom they currently reside in and to be able to enjoy the home of their dreams.

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