In our previous post, Under Construction: Modern Dream Theater, we continued our Under Construction series of Robyn and Joel’s dream home by showing the part of the house that has been added on. In addition to the theater, this area will have a bathroom that is easily accessible to those out by the pool and possibly the room that Robyn is most excited about. A place to store her many craft supplies and create all of the cards and other DIY projects she loves to do … otherwise known as the craft room!
In Process
This room is rather small and has two nice size windows. Although this makes for amazing views to enjoy while crafting, it was a bit of a challenge while designing the layout of the space. Robyn decided to go with a desk space and cabinetry on these two walls and create a high-top table by the door for others to work. 
craft room 4 
craft room 5
craft room 6 
We were excited to see in our last visit to the house that the cabinetry had been installed in this space and the walls had been painted as well. We went back and forth on the right color selection for this room and finally agreed on this shade of green as it was bright and cheerful to meet Robyn’s request and also tied in with the leftover countertop material they planned to use from their previous home. 
Craft Room Inspiration
craft room 8 
As you can see, we are well on our way to making this room look like our original inspiration. The plan was to incorporate white cabinetry so as not to take away from all of the fun craft supplies that will be found here. The bright wall color and funky countertop material add interest to the space. Otherwise the inspiration board really focuses on ways to organize this type of room. 
We look forward to helping Robyn figure out the right spots to put away all of  her supplies and can’t wait to join her in crafting some fun projects … you all know we love a good DIY! Only one more room to go in this Under Construction series before we start unveiling the finished product. Stay tuned for Robyn and Joel’s plans for their beautiful office that we are working on with our dad in an upcoming post.

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