We have a pretty exciting project to share with you guys today! One of our clients has hired us to create a comfortable outdoor living room along with a few other spaces (that we will be sharing at a later time). After lots of planning, the demolition has begun and we couldn’t be more excited to be one step closer to seeing this super cool space come to life. When we first heard of this project, it seemed pretty simple. Complete the outdoor existing space with a comfy sofa, large TV, fireplace, and everything you would need to enjoy a big game. As the project unfolded, many cool elements were incorporated into the design to assist in the function of the space as well as to create an eclectic zen environment.

In Process
First things first, we decided to remove the center column in this open walkway. It was completely blocking the view (what a shame) and totally unnecessary. Therefore, it’ was the first thing to go.
The original space had been added on to by the previous owners, but clearly was never completed. You can tell by the exposed pipes and awkward walls. In the end, this wall will be completely built out and will include a TV, fireplace, bench seat, and niches for candlelight.
The remaining two archways will have consoles built into them to look more like windows, and the humongous fifteen foot sofa we selected will sit against them.
To complete the space and give it a cozy “living room” feel, we are installing a wood floor ceiling which will house recessed lights, heaters, speakers, and some sort of lighting fixture or ceiling fan (still to be selected).
Lauren creates inspiration boards to give her clients an idea of the mood she would like to set for each space. This serene palette sets the tone for the cozy room they would like to have and incorporates some funky, eclectic elements (such as this woven rattan light fixture and metal drum side table) to give the space some personality. The wood panels, stone veneer, and natural stone slab gives it an earthy and slightly rustic feel while the modern fireplace keeps the overall design current. The furniture is designed mostly for comfort, but we have to admit that the gorgeous Sunbrella fabric we selected and some sort of live edge wood table are sure to be the main focal points.
With the construction underway (as of yesterday) there is still a lot to do to complete this project, but we see the end in sight. We can’t wait to see how it all turns out and share it with all of you!

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