Last week we shared this Eclectic Zen Living Room that we are working on, and we are so excited to also share the other outdoor space that is under construction in this same home. Whereas the other space was being used for relaxing outdoors, this one is more for entertaining. Although this space will be used for fun activities, it is off of the dining room and living room, so we wanted to keep it more formal in design.

In Process
The shape of the fireplace is pretty interesting, but we didn’t understand why the seat was open underneath. Along with adding flagstone to the face of this structure, we are also hoping to remove the frame around the actual fireplace and that dead space underneath the hearth.
These Moroccan lanterns will also be removed along with the windows which lead to nowhere on either side of the fireplace, but we plan to paint this wall some sort of accent color to reinforce the focal wall.
We have shortened the doorsteps on each side to allow for more walking room and space to move around the pool table. This will also allow us to create a fun stone border around the new stone floor.
This courtyard has an interesting place in the house as it is completely surrounded by interior rooms but left open above. Therefore creating an indoor outdoor feel is very important to us.

When creating the inspiration for this space, we knew we wanted it to be slightly formal with a modern edge. The flagstone we selected has mitered edges which makes it look contemporary and the gray color makes a statement and keeps things current. The dark gray stone will be a nice contrast for the hearth seat as well as the mantle (as seen in the inspiration photo on the right), and the even darker gray stone will be gorgeous on the floor. The rest of the space will consist of a modern pool table and some sort of bar area. Lighting will be a key element in framing the space and helping it to function.

Although we still have some elements of this courtyard left to select, the construction has begun and is moving right along. We know that this unique space will have many interesting design elements and will serve as a fun place for this family to hang out with their friends. Both outdoor spaces are scheduled to be complete in another month. We can’t wait to see how they turn out and to share the finished photos.

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