Written by: Lauren

It’s been fun to see everyone’s kids going back to school these past few weeks on Facebook. This year, my older daughter will be in Pre-K and my younger two are starting the Mommy and Me program at the same school. Although we still have a week and  half until Ava goes back to school, I’ve been there every day for the past week working on a special project. The school is undergoing some exciting renovations, and I have taken it upon myself to oversee the painting portion of this project. I absolutely love the new vision for the school that the principals have put together, and am proud to be an integral part of making this come to life. 


April and Alana (our fabulous directors) have taught me that, “New research and knowledge about early childhood has shown that children respond to an atmosphere that is calm and reflects a home, rather than the institutional look of the past.” This makes complete sense to me as a designer and mom. In fact, a calm color scheme has the same effect on me. Between the funds raised last year and that gifted from the synagogue, we had enough to paint our entire school and decided that even though this renovation project would be ongoing (as this would not complete the work needed), we would take it one step at a time while following one design plan that can be completed in various steps. Here are some before pictures so you can see that we have already come a long way:




In Process

As you will see, all of the bright colors on the walls have been removed and replaced with more natural shades. The new colors reflect that of nature allowing the children and their artwork to take center stage. The school has also purchased new wooden chairs and various wooden bookcases and cabinetry to go with our overall look. The final portion of this project was to enclose the hallway leading to the back bathroom. The new glass enclosure was the perfect solution and looks great as well. We are really hoping to raise more money this year in order to replace the flooring throughout. This will make a huge difference as well.



I always like to put together an inspiration board when working on a project. It helps me see everything together and gives me an overall idea for how everything will work in the space. I used this board to come up with all of the paint colors I selected to use throughout the school and to help me tie in the two spaces that we previously designed last year (as seen in our posts, Preschool Library Design and Preschool Resource Room).

Of course, I did not work on this project alone! We could not have done it without the support of the temple board of trustees including the VP of Education Kevin Loew, our fabulous director April Schafer and Assistant Director Alana Levitt, and the head of the construction portion of this project (who is another parent at the school) Robert Shamsi as well as the organizational efforts from my friend Allison Schwartz. Can’t wait for the girls to start school in this renovated space!


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