Written by: Lauren

It feels like the end of an era, as I have been working on this Tuscan Elegance home for over ten years now. It has been a great ride with lots of interesting design challenges along the way. The house is sold and the new owners will be moving in shortly, but I will always have fond memories and I know my clients will too. In preparation of putting the house on the market for sale, there was one last detail that needed to be done to make the house as desirable as possible. The whole place is filled with specialty finishes on the walls including wall paper, Venetian plaster, faux painting, and gorgeous murals. We knew we needed to up our game in the master suite to give it a traditionally Tuscan feel as well.

tuscan elegance 12

We came up with a unique concept for the bedroom walls where we added some washed color to the corners of the room to give them the authentic look we were after.

tuscan elegance 13

Our amazing painter, Angel, created a very large stencil with a Tuscan pattern that we used to give the feeling that the overall pattern on the wall had faded over time.

tuscan elegance 14

In the master bathroom, we used the same color way over a plaster texture to compliment the stone found throughout.

tuscan elegance 15

tuscan elegance 17

We created an ombre effect with this color way so the stone would tie in but the overall feeling of the room would not be too dark. It also helped give the worn feeling we were after.

tuscan elegance 18

tuscan elegance 19

This might be my favorite little corner of the whole house. The way the ombre finish we came up with looks with that incredible piece of art is stunning and has so much presence as you enter the master suite. Even the lighting on it is just right.

This Tuscan Elegance series may have come to its end, but I am more than excited to move onto this client’s new project with a completely new design style. You can check out all of these past posts from this series to get the full picture: Tuscan Elegance Wall Mural, Kitchen, Girl’s Bunk Room, Boy’s Bunk Room, Entry, and Powder Bathroom.



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