Halloween is right around the corner, and this fun filled holiday is not just for the kids. There may be an age limit on walking door to door dressed in your costume with a basket or pillow case yelling “trick or treat” for handfuls of candy, but that doesn’t mean adults don’t deserve a little “treat” this Halloween.

Who doesn’t love candy corn? We filled miniature gift bags from Michael’s with fun treats to pass out last weekend to “the girls” at our Halloween Craft Club meeting.
Each bag was then closed tight using Halloween stickers with cute sayings and cork details.
We love how even the most simple of designs can make such a fun statement.
Here’s one more idea for how to “trick your treat” this Halloween. This adorable gift bag was filled with chocolate pumpkins and a homemade tag with a creepy crawly creature was attached to it. It’s a great way to say Happy Halloween and thank you.
This Halloween, don’t let the kids at your door be the only ones saying “trick or treat”. If you have ideas you want to try or photos to share, send them our way. We would love to see them!



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