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Palm Desert … a place we know and love! In fact, we wrote about this particular location in our previous post from Lauren’s Sister-in-Law’s bachelorette party. Lauren and her husband, Scott, visit this spot many times a year. Therefore, we feel completely comfortable guiding those less familiar towards a fabulous stay in this city, and as we were just there over the weekend enjoying some quality family time, our minds are fresh on this topic. We have broken this post into three parts that we feel encompass all of your travel needs should you consider visiting Palm Desert (or any other location). After all, what else is there besides a great place to stay, things to do, and delicious things to eat? Here are our recommendations:

Where to Stay

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The Desert Springs JW Marriott is definitely the ultimate place to stay! Besides this amazing view, it is known for its cascading waterfall, spacious lobby, luxury spa experiences, and gondolas that create a whole new way for getting from place to place. You don’t ever have to even leave the hotel to feel like you have a complete getaway!

What to Do (Where to Shop)

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El Paseo features over 300 world class shops, clothing boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, and more. We enjoyed taking our dad into some fun furniture and home accessory shops and watching him get excited over all that they had to offer … this love for design definitely runs in the family!

Where to Eat

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Who doesn’t love teppanyaki? Mikado was the perfect location to celebrate our dad’s birthday (seen in the above photo with Ava). We all had so much fun eating together along with the fabulous show our chef put on. The steak, the seafood, the fried rice … all amazing! Not to mention, we didn’t even have to leave our hotel.

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Possibly (or definitely) the most important part of travelling is finding the right restaurants to eat in. So we ended our trip by going into Palm Springs and having brunch at a very famous spot … Pinocchio in the Desert. Sitting out on its patio was an experience in itself, so many fun things to see including lots of “colorful” people and even a small show. Apparently you can dance right in the middle of their restaurant!? The food was delicious as well! We highly recommend the California omelette and their breakfast potatoes are to die for!

We hope you have enjoyed these tips and will consider using them the next time you visit Palm Desert! We feel so lucky to have been able to get away for a few days this Winter and loved spending the time with our family Side by Side. Today, as we know is the case for many of you, we are back to work! Expect lots of fun interior and event posts in the next week.


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