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I cannot believe last week Phil and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! Seriously, where has the time gone?! (For a look back on our beautiful Garden Glam wedding use these links: ceremony, reception, and photo shoot). In honor of one whole year as man and wife, we decided to plan a little getaway. When trying to choose the right location, we realized what was most important to us was to cut down on travel time, cost, and have great food. So adult of us, I know! Living in Los Angeles we have a wide variety of options of places to go that are close by and chose San Francisco as it is only one hour by flight away. We had a fabulous few days together in a really fun city … What else can you ask for on your first anniversary? For your convenience (if any of you are looking for a travel destination or have plans to visit San Fran soon), I have broken this post into three parts that I feel encompass all of your travel needs. After all, what else is there besides a great place to stay, what to do and see, and delicious things to eat? Here are my and Phil’s recommendations broken down into these three categories (with a few side tips along the way):

Where to Stay

I am not sure anything beats staying at a Ritz Carlton hotel, and this location on Nob Hill definitely did not disappoint. Their service is impeccable, the rooms a dream, and we quickly made friends with the concierge on staff who directed us towards all of our San Fran needs. As it was our anniversary, they left us a little treat (chocolate covered strawberries) and something small for our baby-to-be as well (an adorable Ritz Carlton bib and rubber duckie). We truly cannot give a higher recommendation to anyone considering staying here … Just remember, YOLO!

I should mention that the hotel was only a short cab, car ride, trolley (you name it) away from beautiful ocean views …

… and so close to China Town you could walk there in minutes!

Where to Eat


First things first, when you get off a plane and you are hungry (and pregnant), you must check out the local cuisine. We found a quick burger spot with great reviews (and a long line to show for it) called Super Duper Burger and knew we had to find out what all the hype was about. Their “Super Burger” and garlic fries were dee-lish!

Phil made a reservation for our official anniversary dinner at a really romantic Italian restaurant reminiscent of our honeymoon (as seen on our previous posts, Traveling T Side: Honeymoon in Italy Part 1 and Part 2). Seven Hills was the perfect place to chill and eat great food!

A snack on the wharf was what I was looking forward to most! You can’t go wrong with clam chowder in a fresh sourdough bread bowl.

The other stop we knew we had to make came highly recommended to us. The experience to come was not at all expected, however. You may be wondering where the photo of this meal is, and while I will admit there have been times (lots actually) where I get so excited to eat something that I completely forget to take a picture, that was not the case this time. After we sat down and ordered at Burma Superstar, the power went out and did not come back on. This did not in any way ruin our meal. Candle light is super romantic, and you must try their famous “Tea Leaf Salad”!

Last item to check off the list was a stop in China Town for Dim Sum. We had a really delicious meal at Yank Sing of all of our favorites; dumplings, pot stickers, and hot tea.

What to Do / See

The city of San Francisco is full of sights to see, so we thought what better way to get a new perspective than to hop on a boat and ride around the bay. Our audio guided tour taught us tons (Most of all that other tourists will do anything to ruin your shot, LOL). 

Here’s a good one of the city …


… and although Phil joked that he did not want to tour Alcatraz this time around because it was too ironic being at a jail on his first anniversary (ha ha), we got a great shot of that as well!


Being this close to the Golden Gate Bridge was breathtaking!

Other things to see / do: Pier 39 (where all the sea lions live), take a ride on the trolley (but hold on tight) …

… and walk down Lombard Street (the most crooked street in the world). What a great spot for a selfie!


A quick getaway is always appreciated, and I know that we will never forget spending this first anniversary together in such a special city! Happy one year to us! 

I hope you have enjoyed this look into our vacation, our tips, and will consider using all of this information the next time you visit San Francisco. If you have any tips of your own to share, we would love to start a dialogue below. Leave a comment by clicking the speech bubble icon. 


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