Written by: Tami

It’s the most spooky time of the year! We absolutely love decorating for the fall holidays in our own homes and have been blessed in the past with projects that take this concept to the next level! Today, we wanted to take a little trip down memory lane to our biggest Halloween project yet and show you some of our favorite photos.

Don’t you just love this spooky ticket booth from our Haunted Circus themed year? These props from LA Circus were spectacular and helped to create the most festive yet spooky scene.

Living in LaLa Land is the perfect excuse to use this theme in your holiday decor. This Haunted Hollywood scene was complete with eight foot letters spelling out the city’s name, red carpet, and movie theater seats in front of a big screen playing an actual movie … So fun!

This haunted pirates theme was not only fun for trick or treaters to enjoy, but there was a whole party planned in its honor! Treasure chests were overflowing and everyone had arrrrgh really good time!

We have been known to bring in gorgeous displays of live flowers and plants to the events we throw, but here is an example of a live “statue” we hired for this Haunted Toga Party. We love surprising guests with new layers of Halloween fun!

This scene and coordinating party was in honor of the Wild Wicked West! Oh what fun it was to see it all come together from the three hundred bales of hay we brought in to the delicious BBQ cuisine!

I know Halloween is just around the corner, so you have probably already planned out your decor, but it is not too late to book for Thanksgiving or our winter holiday services! To get more information or put an upcoming date in the books, contact us at info@sbsdesignla.com.


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