We love bagels! In fact, as far back as we can remember we have been enjoying this special treat during daytime family gatherings (and even sometimes at night). Until recently, we just assumed that having brunch meant that there would be bagels involved. It never even crossed our minds that this may not be the norm. Growing up, our grandparents would frequent their local bakery or Western Bagel (our favorite) and we would always make special requests for our top choice. We would sit around the dining room table and pass all types of toppings from one person to the next; lox, cream cheese, tomato, etc.

Now that we are older not only do we still have this family tradition, but we have brought it into our own homes as well. This made us think, though about ordering “the perfect dozen”. What does that consist of? How many do you get of each? Should it be equal, based on who’s eating, or is there a standard amount that should work well every time?

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We decided that there should be some sort of equation involved with ordering “the perfect dozen” when at your favorite bagel spot. We created a fun little rhyme to help us remember our order as well. When planning your next bagel brunch, using this equation will help make sure everyone in attendance is happy. Can’t say it’s foolproof, but for the most part it should work every time. You heard it here … Side by Side Design’s bagel order is as follows: 4 everything, 2 plain, 2 wheat, 2 sesame, 2 sweet.

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This past weekend, we invited the girls over for a special treat. Stay tuned for details from our flower arranging workshop with our expert Kayla on Monday. It is important to us when hosting to always include a nice spread. We set out our “perfect dozen” plus more bagels and all the fixings … a delicious platter of lox, onions, and capers, and another with sliced tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, and Swiss cheese. It’s always nice to have a variety of bagel toppings to make sure everyone gets to create theirs the way they like it best. Oh, and don’t forget the cream cheese!

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The next time you set out to host brunch for family or friends, we hope you will remember these little tips. We still believe that the key to any brunch menu is in “the perfect dozen”. Have a great weekend from Side by Side Design!



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