Written by: Lauren

As a designer, I work hard to create spaces for my clients that they love to be in at the end of long hard days. I can only hope that right now with all that is going on, these spaces are ones of comfort and are highly functional for all of the things that they are doing in their lives while working and being in their homes. It is truly crazy, how we are all learning (including me) that being home all day can be an adjustment, and that finding things we love in our space is really really important. I want to stress that what we see on our social media as always is not reality. Please know that next to each of my perfectly staged insta-worthy photos is a pile of clothes that needs to be folded or of papers and kids activities that haven’t been put away. It is ok, however, to still want to find beauty in the crazy! With that said, I have created a list of five things (staged for this post) that I am loving in my home right now. Here it goes …

#1: My girls have been having sleepovers in Cara and Sienna’s room every night. This bed (Ava’s) makes me happy because it is staying made … LOL! Therefore, one less bed to make! Silver lining, people! “Pink pyramid” as Ava calls it (otherwise known as this painted corner of Ava’s wall) is one of her and my favorite things in our house. It makes me so happy that after two years she still loves it so much. I appreciate, though more than anything, that my girls love spending time with each other (awake and asleep).  

#2: I love getting to see my dining room come together little by little. I have been taking small moments throughout the day to online shop for the right pieces to finish up this space. Now that I have the time. Although it is not quite finished, it is a beautiful space. The window in this area lets in plenty of sunlight, and I dream of being able to host my family and friends again here soon. 

#3: We have been trying to prioritize doing some sort of fun project or activity together each day. Whether it be going on a rainbow hunt, doing a cooking or art project (like these kosher pigs in blankets), or watching a movie we all want to see. These moments during the day where we all get to unwind and spend time together are usually few and far between during our normal life, so I am trying to soak it all in and make each moment count for now.

#4: Every night at 6:45, our preschool has been leading a bedtime Zoom call with different songs or stories. My girls have been looking forward to this each night so much that they rush through dinner and bath time to get to it. Which makes for an early bedtime for them … So nice for me! Thank you University Synagogue for making these times more bearable for my family! We are truly grateful!

#5: This is my and Scott’s favorite spot to unwind at the end of the night. We have been binge watching 24 together from the beginning. So good! It has been nice to have something to look forward to when the girls go to sleep. What keeps you going?

I am so curious … What are some things at home that are bringing you joy in this crazy time? We are all in this together! Stay strong for your families! Stay healthy! Stay home, and be there for each other!


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