We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with Darcuterie (an awesome local business) on our in a BOX promotion this month! We have been playing around with including fresh items in our BOXes, but this takes it to the next level! Darcuterie‘s boards are gorgeous and use all of the best seasonal ingredients. After seeing what she had planned, we really wanted her contribution to each BOX option to be the star of the show, and we just added a few small festive touches (and wine, of course!) to finish each one off right! Keep reading to see how you can get your Bite, Taste, and Indulge orders in all month long! 

Indulge: $150 – Ok, so we lied! This is not a BOX at all, but we just couldn’t help but offer Darcuterie‘s full size board of fall favorites (feeds 6-8 people). This is a great appetizer to order all month long or have delivered to enjoy before your Thanksgiving feast! It includes a little bit of something for everyone! 

Taste: $150 – Here’s an awesome collab BOX for you to send to family or friends that maybe you don’t get to share Thanksgiving with this year … or KEEP FOR YOURSELF! This gorgeous Darcuterie board comes ready to enjoy (feeds 2-4 people) along with a bottle of red wine and festive plates and napkins. 

Bite: $60 – Mini BOXes are great gifts to send out this Thanksgiving (and all month long)! I mean, isn’t this Darcuterie mini (serving for 1) adorable? Plus red wine in a can and festive napkins! You don’t get more classy than this! We do love a good cheeky saying! Give the gift that keeps giving this November … in a BOX! 

We are taking orders all through the month of November. To order your exclusive Side by Side x Darcuterie collab BOX, contact us at info@sbsdesignla.com or call (480) 628-8264.

Don’t see exactly what you are looking for? Customized BOXes are available as well starting at $175.


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