We have both made it our tradition to spend Valentine’s Day at home and take this as our opportunity to set the table beautifully while making a special meal for our hubbys. We have had fun in the past coming up with a menu consisting of food items that we do not regularly serve and fun themes that will keep things exciting. As a mom, Lauren has continued this tradition in a more kid-friendly fashion, and this year will once again plan something special for her husband and all three of her girls. As a new mom (last year), Tami was excited to incorporate her daughter into her plan as well. Here’s a look back on how we each celebrated Valentine’s Day in 2019. Hopefully this will inspire you to create something special for this fun holiday!

T Side: Last year, Phil really wanted to get in on the fun of planning a special Valentine’s Day celebration for our family. I wanted to make sure to surprise him just a little bit too! Therefore, he took care of the menu and made a Phil staple but included some new elements for this special day, and I took care of the rest … Making sure Joie looked Valentine’s Day ready, setting the table just so, and creating handmade cards for my loves.

You can’t really tell from this picture, but Joie’s tights had little sparkly hearts all over them, and I loved any chance I got to put a bow on her head back in the day! She won’t wear them any more (now that she’s almost two) … But thank goodness for photos like these!

I believe handmade cards tell your loved ones just how much you really LOVE them! I am constantly keeping little bits of scrap wrapping paper (like these gold foil lips) to use in my creations and incorporating stickers and sparkle into the cards I make at home.

A formal black tablecloth is made more casual when topped with a burlap runner. I used our every day dishes and glasses to set our table for two … We ate after Joie went to bed to ensure an optimal dining experience and popped open a bottle of red wine too!

Phil brought home the most beautiful red roses that I included in this otherwise pink flower arrangement for our table.

Did I mention that Phil made his favorite dish? Steak, of course! Filets because they are my favorite, and topped with perfectly grilled and seasoned shrimp. These mushrooms were a new recipe and absolutely delicious!

L Side: My girls were excited last year to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and I was excited to create something a little bit special that didn’t feel like just an average evening in our home. I sent the girls off to play in our playroom so that I could surprise them with a fun set up, and while doing so, Scott came home and surprised us with gorgeous red roses for each of his girls. It was a fun night, we all felt special, and the small details went a long way.

My girls were so cute dressed in red and pink, but I can’t believe what a difference a year makes!

I got to enjoy these gorgeous flowers all month long!

I set the table with a mix of treats for my hubby and the girls. They could hardly wait to dig into this dessert board I created and neither could Scott!

Aren’t these XOXO gummies from Trader Joe’s the cutest?

For the adults, a delicious chicken recipe I had lying around, salad, steamed artichokes, and rose. For the kids, bow tie pasta with butter. Yum!

Although I love spending time with my girls, the best part of the night was when Scott and I were able to wind down a bit after they went to bed. What more do you need than a fire, gelato, and two spoons?

We each plan to have an equally special Valentine’s Day this year! Lauren, Scott, and the girls are continuing to keep things simple and keep their at-home tradition alive while Tami and Phil will enjoy spending this day with their two daughters Joie (and Sadie born just last month) in on the plans. Whatever you plan to do with your Valentine this year, remember that what is really important is that you make the day special and show them how much you really love them! Happy Valentine’s Day from Side by Side Design!


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