Our blog is back up and running! Those of you who follow Side by Side Design on Facebook, might have noticed that at the beginning of this week we experienced some technical difficulties. We so appreciate all of our readers’ patience and the fact that you have checked back in with us today! Hope you enjoy our Food Fridays post! Next week, we plan to share a very special Bat Mitzvah that we coordinated.

In our last T Side / L Side post, we discussed the fact that this particular series is a great way to showcase our own personal design styles, the way we decorate for holidays, and most recently we have discovered that this relates to cooking as well. These posts help us express our individual cooking needs while staying true to the structure of our “T Side / L Side” posts we have written in the past. We have chosen one key ingredient to work with in selecting separate recipes to try out in our homes. This month’s challenge was not exactly a challenge at all as it was to incorporate a condiment we both use very frequently into a main or side dinner dish. Anyone else completely obsessed with Sriracha?

T Side: As many of you may know, my boyfriend recently moved in! Now that there are two of us living in our apartment, I feel the need to try out new recipes and make sure we have delicious things to eat. Now don’t get any crazy ideas … I am definitely no Martha Stewart! We have actually eaten out more than we have eaten in (so far). I am lucky though, my “new roommate” and I have very similar taste in food, and we definitely both love ourselves anything spicy!

sriracha 1

For our first meal in “our” new home, I treated him to a delicious piece of salmon that was all at once spicy, sweet, and tangy. Our plates and palettes were balanced nicely with the addition of steamed broccoli and quinoa with Latin flavors. As this was definitely an occasion to celebrate, we poured ourselves a glass of champagne and toasted to many more meals together. Here is the salmon recipe I used.

L Side: As we mentioned previously, I am a huge fan of Sriracha! I keep a constant supply of it in my home and use it to enhance the flavor of just about everything. My husband, on the other hand, doesn’t do so well with spice, so I rarely use this ingredient in my cooking. I usually just add it to my own plate after the fact! The other night, while Scott was out and Ava and I had dinner alone (which doesn’t happen very often), I decided to make myself a special treat that I knew my husband wouldn’t really enjoy.

sriracha 4

These Sriracha roasted chickpeas were not only the most delicious side dish for my dinner, but the leftovers made a snack that I truly enjoyed and didn’t even have to share! They are also a great healthy alternative to other salty / spicy snacks.

We love how Sriracha can be added to just about anything, making it a great ingredient to have on hand. We are really happy with the way our meals turned out and excited to get the chance to use a few more of our Pinterest finds. Are you as big of Sriracha fans as we are? What other recipes do you love that incorporate this ingredient? Care to share? Leave us a comment below by clicking on the comment icon and feel free to include a link to your favorite recipe!


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