In last year’s post, T Side / L Side: Holiday Wrapping, we introduced you to our homes and our own personal design styles. We each have our own “side” or way of doing things, which makes us unique. When we plan our gift wrap for the holidays and ways to decorate our spaces and make them festive, these distinct styles carry through. With Chanukkah starting next week and Christmas just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to give you some last minute ideas for how to wrap and decorate for the holidays. Gone are the days of tacky blue and white paper for Chanukkah with dreidel tags and a possible pop of color. Here is what we have come up with for our own Chanukkah wrapping this year. They are so festive they could easily be used for Christmas as well.

T Side: This year I decided to decorate for the holidays based on the look I have just set up in my new apartment. As I have incorporated a bit of watercolor into my gallery wall, I have also included a touch of watercolor into my gift wrap in the same color scheme. I even added some pink flamingos just for fun.

T Side 001

I like to display my holiday cards in a traditional way (on my mantle). This year I strung a silver ribbon across the front of my fireplace and attached each card with a small pink clothespin.

T Side 003

Wrapping paper in silver and white compliment this fun flamingo print nicely. I purchased this watercolor paper from this shop on Etsy and a few spools of ribbon to make larger than life bows.

T Side 005

My menorah is all set for the first night.

T Side 007

I love how my gift wrap fits in perfectly with the look of my place.

T Side 013

This year I decided to try something new. I used food coloring to dye pre-cut tags and give them a watercolor effect. As my gallery wall has bits of pink and turquoise, those were the colors I chose.

T Side 008

T Side 009

To finish off my decor,  I added sparkly pine cones to my candle tray and bar cart to give them a Winter-y feel.

L Side: If you have followed this post for the last few years, you will know that I generally display my gifts on my fireplace. Having a toddler in my home has changed all of this but also makes celebrating the holidays more fun. I decided to use the fireplace this year to display Chanukkah books and interactive toys specifically for Ava and put the gifts out of arms reach. Fancy paper in gold, silver, navy, pink, and yellow and beautiful satin ribbon is what I used to complete my look.

gifts 011

gifts 015

gifts 020

I found this preppy paisley print in three different colors and liked them so much I bought them all. The rest of my look was kept simple with metallic bags, stripes, and bows in coordinating colors.

gifts 023

gifts 025

I used this overall look to create cards and tags to attach to gifts as well and love their overall preppy feel.

gifts 021

A few pine cones, silver flower buds, and jeweled pears keeps things festive.

gifts 008

These Chanukkah books are sure to keep Ava busy all throughout the holiday. She already has her favorites.

As you can see, we each have our own style when it comes to wrapping and decorating for the holidays. In your own holiday decor, which “side” do you relate to most? Leave us a comment below. Wishing all of our readers a wonderful holiday season from Side by Side Design!


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