Halloween is our favorite time of year to decorate our living spaces. We both love to add glamorous touches to an otherwise spooky scene in our homes. In preparation of this year’s decor we decorated pumpkins at our last Craft Club meeting (seen on Monday’s post), purchased just a few new items, and dusted off all our old favorites after taking them out of storage. Here’s a look at how each of us used our different styles to create the right look for our homes this Halloween.

T Side: I know you will not be surprised that I once again chose to use 
black and white as my Halloween color scheme, as I tend to stick to these simple colors a lot. My small studio already has lots of pattern and color. When adding my Halloween decor I wanted to include some spooky yet glamorous details without taking away from the overall look. In order to achieve this goal, I incorporated black ravens, skull details, chalkboard painted pumpkins, and a whole bunch of candles.
I filled this birdcage (usually found on my patio) with candles and added a few life-like black ravens to keep a watchful eye on my place. You never know what kinds of ghosts and goblins are roaming around this time of year.
This beautifully embellished tray is often found on my coffee table. When its usual candles and potpourri were traded out for five finely decorated pumpkins, it became Halloween ready.

This year, I decided to turn my fireplace into a seance scene with an over-abundance of white and black sparkly candlesticks and a variety of antique glass candle holders (I particularly love these three glass vases turned decorative candle holders that I made at last year’s Craft Club meeting and couldn’t wait to use them again). My new matte gold skull sits atop one of my favorite home accessories, a glossy black cake stand that Lauren gave me.

L Side: I really wanted to keep with a Fall look this year, rather than what you would expect at Halloween time. I found the mix of natural elements such as burlap and fresh pumpkins with glamorous details such as antique glass candle holders and silver decorative accessories to be quite interesting.

A cluster of textured antique glass candle holders mixed with pumpkins and tall glass candle vases sits nicely atop a small burlap runner.
I styled my coffee table tray with lots of fun candles and pumpkins. I couldn’t resist putting just one silver skull in there as well.
I even tied in the burlap on my fireplace by using it to set my decorated pumpkins on … S for Scott, A for Ava, and L for me. I like how the silver brads look next to the silver textured vases.
This orange vase was the perfect addition to my TV console and a great finishing touch. I love these adorable little pumpkin plants I found at Trader Joes.
“Sometimes we are the same, sometimes we are different, but we are always twin sisters.” As you can see, we each have our own style when it comes to decorating. When decorating your space for Halloween, which “side” do you relate to most?

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