Halloween is our absolute favorite time of year to decorate our living spaces. We both love to add festive touches into our existing decor. Here is a look at what we did last Halloween! In preparing to decorate this year, we once again realized just how truly busy we are and had time to purchase just a few new items, dusted off some of our old favorites, and came up with new (but quick) overall looks. Here’s a peek at how each of us used our different styles to create the right look for our homes and what we have goin’ on this Halloween.

T Side: Being the mom of one little girl and another on the way gives me exactly the excuse I need to do things super girly! I included fluffy florals, ruffles, and pink plaid in my decor, and I don’t regret this decision one bit! My tablescape turned out super cute … I can’t wait to have our Halloween guests over!

Plenty of pumpkins mixed with silk peonies makes for the perfect table runner this year.

A new textured table cloth and paper goods with a fun pattern … I really didn’t have to make big purchases to change up the look of my space for fall.

Here’s a preview of my treats I am making for Halloween night. Ghost Peeps, gummy brains, and other sours will make these skewers so much fun!

L Side: We have been so busy here at Side by Side Design, that I almost haven’t had time to do much preparing for Halloween. My girls have almost gotten more into the spirit of the holiday picking out pumpkins at one of our early October trips to Trader Joe’s and changing up their costume ideas of what they want to be most days. Earlier this week, they were all home as a last attempt to kick whatever bug was going around my house, and I decided to do something fun to lighten the mood. I set up a little Halloween surprise which really made their day.

I set up their play table (party of three) and added some spider webs to our fireplace to keep up for the rest of the month.

I couldn’t resist these adorable party plates and napkins and added some other fun details I had lying around.

My girls loved the set up, and Ava was quick to notice the pillows I “borrowed” from her room, saying “It’s ok Mommy … I know you like things to match”.

Sometimes it’s just fun to eat lunch at a party for no reason!

I even made a little dessert tray to finish it off.

As you can see, we each have our own style when it comes to decorating, but we also love to see what each other comes up with. Halloween lends itself to millions of different directions you can go. What is your plan this year? We can’t wait to hear how you decorate your space for Halloween, and of course (as we are very visual gals) we would love to see photos as well. Send them our way!


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