Halloween is our absolute favorite time of year to decorate our living spaces. We both love to add glamorous touches to an otherwise spooky scene in our homes (as seen in our past four years of Halloween decor posts: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014). In preparing to decorate this year, we purchased just a few new items and dusted off our old favorites to come up with  new overall looks. Here’s a peek at how each of us used our different styles to create the right look for our homes this Halloween.

T Side: Last month, I shared how I made some small changes to my space to accommodate my new “roommate” (seen on my previous post, Apartment Therapy: Revised Parisian Living). Phil and I purchased a beautiful new buffet from West Elm, and I decorated the top of it with all of my favorite candles and bar accessories. When it came time to decorate for Halloween, I wasn’t ready to completely change up the look of this space, but I was anxious to use it in pictures again as I am so happy with the way it looks. I decided to dress it up slightly (while keeping the feel the same) with hints of black, small pops of bright color, some skulls, and a bit of Halloween glamour.

halloween 208

I created a centerpiece for our dining room table with a gold skull, tall black sparkly candles in an assortment of candle holders, a small antique glass candle holder, and a bowl of bright orange cuties. So inviting for this time of year!

halloween 206

halloween 210

I spruced up the top of our new buffet with a bit of moss and a sparkle bellied raven on a fancy black cake stand, some fun seasonal cocktail napkins, and a bright orange pumpkin.

halloween 207

A cluster of glass decanters and antique glass candle holders make this buffet bar ready. A bedazzled skull brings in the holiday spirit.

halloween 226

halloween 227

You can’t have a bar without drinks. I love these gummy eyeball ice cubes I found at Cost Plus World Market. They really finished off our Halloween cocktails in the right way. Not too serious … a trick for a treat! Can’t wait to serve them to our guests this season.

L Side: With Ava running all over, the biggest priority for me in decorating this year was to keep it toddler friendly. I decided to go with a simple set up in black and white with spider webs as the main feature (Which I’ve never done before). Ava was able to help me achieve this look and therefore is less likely to try to tear it down … Who am I kidding? She has already tried a few times. At least it’s not too messy.

halloween 211

halloween 214

I decorated our hallway mirror with spider webs, spiders, and a fun black and white bunting. Sitting just atop the mirror is one small black crow.

halloween 215

halloween 216

halloween 218

It sure looks like I haven’t cleaned my fireplace in a while! Those spiders (and Ava and I) sure have built a beautiful web!

halloween 220

halloween 221

Beautiful glass candle holders and a silver skull candle sit inside my favorite tray. Another black crow is on the lookout for troublemakers … Watch out Ava!

halloween 223

halloween 225

Maybe nobody will eat these candy corn if they are covered in another spider web. More for me!

As you can see, we each have our own style when it comes to decorating, but we truly had so much fun this year helping each other out. Halloween lends itself to millions of different ways of decorating, so many directions you can go. What is your plan this year? We can’t wait to hear how you decorate your space for Halloween, and of course (as we are very visual gals) we would love to see photos as well. Send them our way! We will be posting our favorites on our Instagram feed.


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