In our last T Side / L Side post, we discussed the fact that this particular series is a great way to showcase our own personal design styles, the way we decorate for holidays, and most recently we have discovered that this relates to cooking as well. These posts help us express our individual cooking needs while staying true to the structure of our “T Side / L Side” posts we have written in the past. We have chosen one key ingredient to work with in selecting separate recipes to try out in our homes. This month’s challenge was to incorporate Greek yogurt into a dinner option to make it more healthy.

T Side: It has been a while since I have made a simple, traditional dinner such as chicken breasts with a side of greens. This recipe spoke to me through its tagline on Pinterest, as it claimed it will “melt in your mouth”. As I continued to read the description it became even more obvious to me that this was the right choice. The “pinner” announced that they substituted Greek yogurt for the mayo in the recipe … much healthier and still “sooo yummy”.

t side 10

To find the recipe I used, follow this link. You will be pleased to know the tagline didn’t lie … it “melted in my mouth” just as promised.

L Side: Wow! I am just noticing that we eat a lot of Mexican food in my house. Last month I showcased my shrimp quesadilla recipe , and this month I found this tasty recipe for a chicken enchilada quinoa bake. I was especially curious to see how the Greek yogurt would taste when using it in place of sour cream. This wasn’t the easiest recipe, but not too hard either. All of the flavors, however, when combined made for a delicious meal.

food 008

To make this recipe follow the link below. I also made my own shredded chicken by following the second link. You could easily simplify this process by buying precooked chicken and shredding it.

chicken enchilada quinoa bake recipe

shredded chicken recipe

We love how Greek yogurt can be a substitute for so many “non-healthy” condiments, making it a great ingredient to have on hand. We are happy with the way our meals turned out and were excited to finally get the chance to use two more of our Pinterest finds. What other recipes do you have that incorporate Greek yogurt? Care to share? What should our next ingredient be? Help us out. We need your input!


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