Our T Side/ L Side posts help us express our individual cooking needs and are a way of showing how a specific ingredient can be used in two very different ways. This month, rather than choosing a key ingredient, we have chosen a Fall favorite kitchen necessity … the crockpot! We have prepared to share how each of us have used this tool along with the recipe so you can try out these dishes as well.

T Side: When registering, one of the things I was most excited for was our crockpot. This one came highly recommended. In fact, the friend of ours who gave it to us has the same one and loves it! Upon returning from our honeymoon, I absolutely could not wait to use it and did so right away! I decided to start out with something easy and settled on shredded chicken for tacos … because, why not?




This recipe for Salsa Verde Chicken was beyond easy! It literally took four minutes to put a few ingredients into the pot. As we had a million errands to run, we let it sit for most of the day and returned to a delicious smelling home. We added it to crispy tortillas along with cilantro, chopped white onion, tomato, avocado, and sprinkle cheese. Voila, tacos!

L Side: I’ve had my crockpot for a while, and always plan to use it more. Tami’s been motivating me for this lately, and so when she challenged me to make a chicken crockpot recipe, I immediately decided I wanted to make a one-pot meal that I could recreate the next time we have guests. In the end, this one fell short and so I am still on the hunt for the right recipe, but the soup I made out of the leftovers was quite tasty.




I threw in 1 1/2 cups dry quinoa, 1 lb. raw chicken thighs, 4 cups chicken broth, salt, pepper, and dried rosemary to taste, and 1 yellow onion sliced and covered and cooked on low for 3 1/2 hours. I then sauteed spinach and shiitake mushrooms in olive oil and mixed them into the finished product. This gave me the well-rounded meal I was looking for but was lacking in taste. Since I wasn’t too impressed with how this turned out but didn’t want to waste these simple ingredients, I decided to try to give it new life. I added all of the remaining contents of the crockpot (on the second day) to a pot of water mixed with chicken consomme and created a chicken quinoa soup. Way more steps than I was originally looking for, but in the end a success!

We fully intend to continue finding ways to use our crockpots this Fall. It is a great way to make a warm meal (or two, or three)! Have a favorite crockpot recipe to share? We would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and include the link or send us an email at info@sbsdesignla.com.


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