We always look forward to May … May brings the NBA playoffs (Although our team is not doing so hot!), the Kentucky Derby with its amazing hats, the celebration of our mothers (made even more exciting this year by the fact that Tami just became a mom), and the promise of Summer. In addition, we expect to see gorgeous flowers blooming all around us this month. What’s that famous expression? “April showers, brings May flowers”. One thing we both love to do is to re-arrange simple flowers in different ways creating beautiful flower arrangements to display all over our homes. This past weekend, we did just that! Take a look!

T Side: I was lucky this Mother’s Day to not only get gorgeous florals from my hubby but from a few others as well. I knew when arranging all of these into separate vases that I wanted to use the base Phil came up with (soft blush and white tones) as my starting point and that I wanted to have several vessels spread out throughout my home with the same cohesive look. I pulled out a bunch of my favorite bud vases and created small arrangements to match the big one I made for my kitchen buffet. Each one housed just a few hot pink flowers in contrast to the otherwise soft look. A few days later, these flower arrangements are still going strong adding so much life into my space … What a great reminder of that special 1st Mother’s Day I celebrated this past weekend! Check out my photos with a special sneak peek at Joie’s nursery (Full post coming soon!). 

L Side: I decided to make some special arrangements for some of the mothers in my life. I wasn’t too disappointed when I had a few extra blooms left at home and decided to make a pretty arrangement for myself to enjoy in my kitchen this week. Our grandfather was sweet and gave each of his granddaughters and daughters a bouquet of flowers to take home on Mother’s Day. I re-arranged those as well, mixed in a few of my other blooms, and came up with these gorgeous arrangements to dress up my space. Three days later they still look perfect and they truly cheer up my home. 


We can pretty much guarantee that adding some fresh flowers into your home will make you feel alive this Spring. Go out and grab a few bundles and create something new. See what you can come up with! Have fun!


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