In our last T Side / L Side post, we discussed the fact that this particular series is a great way to showcase our own personal design styles, the way we decorate for holidays, and most recently we have discovered that this relates to cooking as well. These posts help us express our individual cooking needs while staying true to the structure of our “T Side / L Side” posts we have written in the past. We have chosen one key ingredient to work with in selecting separate recipes to try out in our homes. This month’s challenge was to incorporate a condiment neither one of us uses very frequently into a main dinner dish. In accepting this challenge, we each used a bottle of BBQ sauce that we have been holding onto to create a special meal for each other and our significant others. This is also the perfect opportunity to mention that this week is a really exciting one here at Side by Side Design. Tami has joined Lauren in working for the business full time, and we couldn’t be happier! Due to this change in our daily schedule, we have been spending a lot of time together in each other’s homes, late night meetings, etc. to get the ball rolling. You can expect some new fun features and blog content, and we will be expanding the events side of our business … so more on that as well! We do, however, have to stop every once in a while to eat, so we use this as the perfect opportunity to cook each other something yummy. Here’s what we made this week.

T Side: On our way back from a recent wedding in San Diego, my boyfriend Phil and I stopped at a local BBQ spot for some delicious ribs! Phil insisted that we bring home a couple bottles of their famous sauce which was so good and had his name written all over it. This week, I convinced Phil to break open one of the BBQ sauce bottles for a good cause … dinner with my sister and my first attempt at making one of my favorites!

bbq 12

bbq 13

Mmmm … BBQ chicken pizza! It turns out you can get all of the ingredients you need at any local Trader Joe’s. I love their pre-made wheat pizza dough! I followed the easy directions on the back of the bag (a little flour, a rolling pin) and topped it with a layer of Phil’s BBQ sauce, sprinkled mozzarella and jack cheese, red onion sliced super thin, cilantro, and pre-cooked pre-cut chicken (also a favorite at Trader Joe’s) doused in more BBQ sauce. After only 10 minutes, my pizza was baked to perfection!

L Side: Scott’s Aunt April makes the most amazing BBQ sauce! We have been holding onto a jar of it for the last couple of weeks, but this challenge was the perfect opportunity to not only break it out of the fridge but to also get the BBQ going for the first time this Summer. I decided to make classic BBQ chicken because April’s sauce is delicious on its own. It does not need a fancy recipe. I did however, try out a new side dish to go with it.

bbq 14

bbq 15

BBQ chicken and corn salad screams Summer! Some frozen corn, grape tomatoes, avocado, and a yummy sauce made of olive oil, cilantro, lime juice, and a  little salt and pepper made for the perfect Summer side.

Everybody has a favorite BBQ sauce, whether it be store bought or homemade. Some like it extra sweet, some tangy, some a bit spicy. No matter how you like it, this is a great ingredient to have on hand. We are really happy with the way our meals turned out and excited to get the chance to try out something new. What other recipes do you love that incorporate this ingredient? Care to share? Leave us a comment below by clicking on the comment icon and feel free to include a link to your favorite recipe!


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