Written by: Lauren

Each year, my daughter Ava gets more and more invested in planning her birthday party, and this year was no exception. She had very specific details she wanted included, and I did my best to follow her lead. Ava went back and forth on the theme for a while but for some reason kept coming back to super heroes, and when Tami suggested to her that we nickname it “Super Six” it totally stuck! She knew she wanted Super Girl to be there, was very clear about the main colors of the party being pink, purple, turquoise, yellow, and orange, and there must be a cake! I started with that, added in some fun metallic and black details, and ended up with a party that was fun, girly, and empowering too!

Ava insisted on greeting each of her guests upon their arrival and asked each one to sign in as well.

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We thought it would be fun to put up a little photo backdrop and have some props to capture all of the super girls in attendance.

Here’s my “Super Six” year old in action …

… and our whole super family!

Not a completely original idea, but I liked the idea of adding festive “pop” stickers to popcorn boxes and decided to make them easy to take home or eat on the spot.

I used the same tinsel backdrop as the photo booth to continue my look behind this snack table, but added this fun corrugated cityscape for an extra layer and a few super hero sayings for one more touch.

This cake though was the true show stopper, and I can’t take any credit for it! My soon to be sister-in-law from cream+sugar created it all on her own, and it couldn’t be more perfect!

A few more snacks (Ava’s favorites) to get the party going.

I had extra of the city scape backdrop, so I propped it up behind the kid’s table and added a turquoise tablecloth per Ava’s request and these fun hot pink glitter plates I found at Party City for a festive touch.

My friend Rachel Miriam embroidered each of these capes to hand out as party favors for each of the girls, but I used them as decor first and got tons of compliments on this detail!

A few more snacks were put out at the beginning of the party, and I put a little saying with the donut holes for a bit of humor.

When it was time for lunch, Fresh Brothers delivered an awesome spread with great options for kids and adults alike.

Super Girl came for some fun super hero training for the kids and Ava was over the moon!

We all wished Ava a very Happy Birthday …

… and then cut into the cake to find a special surprise!

Are you kidding me? Ashlee outdid herself!

Happy 6th Birthday Ava! I love you so much and enjoyed working with you to plan out your party. You are my favorite Super Girl! Every year, she surprises me in saying that it was her best birthday ever. I don’t know how we can keep this going forever, but I will definitely try! Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next year!


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