Flowers bring beauty to many different settings, whether it be as decor for an event or as a gift for a mother or a teacher. Although you can find beautiful ready made arrangements in any grocery store or farmers market, it is also fun to re-arrange flowers yourself to add a fresh look to your home for the summertime. Here are some examples of how we have re-arranged flowers from previous events to create a different look in our homes.

These flowers were purchased at the farmer’s market as a Mother’s Day gift. We decided to mix three different groups of flowers to make an arrangement fit for a special mom.

Lauren spread the Hen’s Night flowers out around her home which brightened up her space and created a fresh look for days after this special event. She used unique vessels such as tea cups and tall glass candle holders to display the flowers in an interesting way.


We took another trip to the LA Flower Mart for our sister’s wedding and bought tons of beautiful flowers in shades of purple and lavender. They made gorgeous centerpieces and were just as fun to have around the house afterwards for a little while bringing a touch of summer and a reminder of this special occasion. We  can’t wait to share the rest of the wedding details with all of you in the next few months.

These yellow tulips were a gift from one of Tami’s students on the last day of school. She cut them down and placed leaves around the outside of the planter surrounding the tulips to bring some sunshine to her home.
We hope everyone is having a fun start to their summer and that you all have a chance in the coming weeks to stop and smell the roses.

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