Today we get to share a truly special collaboration we had the opportunity to be a part of. We are beyond grateful to Redbird and Staples for seeing something unique in Side by Side Design and asking us to share our “trade secrets” with other small business owners. What an honor! It goes without saying that as an Interior Designer and an Event Planner, we are usually found behind the scenes, and it is not really in our nature to videotape ourselves. However, the incredibly talented team we worked with made us feel extremely comfortable and natural and we think you will love what they came up with just as much as we do … Just watch the video!

Who are we? We are Tami and Lauren, twins and co-founders of Side by Side Design (a small business that focuses on the unique combination of Interior Design and Event Planning). 

Just in case you are establishing your own small business and looking for a bit more information on the topic of customer retention here are our three tips:

#1: Always Exude Confidence – Our first couple of consultations were nerve-wracking and yours will probably be as well, but remember your client is coming to you because you are the expert. That confidence can be reassuring to your clients as well. Something we hear a lot from the people we work with is that we are calm which keeps them calm too. Your clients are coming to you to relieve a stress in their lives … Whatever you do, don’t add to it!

#2: The Three C’s – We have our Three C’s that we stick to which are Create, Collaborate, Communicate. For us that means that we work really closely with each of our clients doing our best to remember every detail for each project we work on. We recommend keeping a log of your client communications for easy reference. This will ensure that you are creating something your client loves instead of what you really want your client to like.

#3: Reach Out with a Personal Touch – Lastly, keep in touch. Our blog and posts on social media keep our clients clued in to what we are working on, but we like to reach out to former clients directly. One easy way to do this is to send out birthday or holiday cards. It’s a cheap and easy way to remind the client you’re there and further build that relationship. Your clients will appreciate the gesture!

Send some love our way. We would love to hear from you. Are you a small business owner who has some tips of your own to share? Post your comment below! A huge thanks to Redbird and Staples again! We can’t wait to see what else comes of your Trade Secrets series and to gather more tricks of the trade from our fellow small business owners. Have a super productive week from Side by Side Design!


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