Written by: Tami

On Monday, my husband Phil and I made a really exciting announcement … Our family is growing! Today, I want to share how we introduced whether our baby will be a boy or a girl to those most close to us. It’s no secret that gender reveal parties are becoming more and more popular. So, having this type of event was a no-brainer. All we had to decide was whether or not we wanted to find out the sex ahead of time or find out with our guests and once we made that decision we had the hardest job of all. Keeping it a secret from everyone (including my twin sister, Lauren) for an entire week!

Although Lauren was not in the know on the biggest news of the day, she helped me plan and set up a fun black and white party at our home. The theme was “Staches or Lashes?”, and as each guest arrived they were encouraged to use our sign-in sheet to cast their vote and grab a stache or lash cup to be used inside. 

We incorporated a few small gold details into the party decor as there are already some that live permanently in my home. A dish of chocolates was the perfect addition  to our coffee table … ‘Cuz who doesn’t love chocolate?

We wanted to keep the dining room table clear to optimize space for our guests to sit but bought a brand new black and white striped table cloth for this special occasion. A few other decorations made the space oh so festive. I love how our hand-crafted balloon tassels and “Him or Her” bunting turned out.

As the party was in the morning, we served our favorite breakfast foods; mimosas …

… bagels, lox, and cream cheese. What better way can you think of to start your day? 

A black and white dessert bar fit the party theme perfectly! Thank you Lauren for arranging each Oreo in such a precise pattern!

An all berry fruit salad was the ultimate finishing touch!

Our immediate family enjoyed spending time together and talking about who our baby will look like, act like, and what the gender will be. Most were extremely convinced one way or the other, and I even overheard a few heated discussions. In fact, my brother showed up wearing a pink headband so that he could show his support for what he “knew was going to be the outcome”. 

After everyone had a bite to eat, we read the results of the vote aloud and prepared to finally share what we are having. We handed out poppers that had one colored confetti inside, and although it made a huge mess, it was so much fun to watch them go off …

… It’s a Girl! 

I know Lauren’s girls were excited to see pink come out of those poppers and will be even more pleased to welcome another little princess into the bunch. 

Phil and I truly could not be happier to have “Baby Daks” on the way! Now that we know she is a girl, we can start planning properly for her arrival. Of course, she will be loved unconditionally either way.

Planning your own gender reveal party in the upcoming future? We would love to help you come up with a new theme and / or way of making this a moment your guests will never forget. Contact us at info@sbsdesignla.com for more information on our events services.


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