Here’s an added Friday bonus for our readers! This weekend everyone will be wearing green (unless they desire a pinch), Irish pubs will be overflowing with customers, and green dye will be incorporated into all sorts of foods. What better way to celebrate this fun holiday than with a batch of festive cupcakes. Here are some tips to follow when creating your own St. Patrick’s Day Treats:

1. Whip up your cake batter as usual and add in some green food coloring (but remember, a couple drops goes a long way).

2. Dress up your cupcakes with creamy white frosting, green sugar sprinkles, and Lucky Charms cereal.

 3. Bring a tray of these delicious cupcakes with you when attending your St. Patty’s Day party. They will be a huge hit!

4. A bowl full of Skittles and Rolo candies will help you “taste the rainbow” this St. Patrick’s Day. You may even find your pot of gold at the end.

Wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and a wonderful weekend from Side by Side Design!


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