Written by: Tami

Wow! I can’t believe this past weekend was my “sprinkle” … It all has been happening so fast and I am trying to be in the moment as much as possible! Let’s be honest though, being pregnant is not really all that fun, and I am happy most days to be super distracted. With that said, I truly cannot say enough about how perfectly planned this event was. Planning for the planner is no easy feat, and my sister tribe took on the challenge and way over exceeded my expectations! With so much going on, I only had one request. I wanted to keep it as small as possible (just a few friends, my sisters, and the moms / grandma) to have a relaxed time and not make a big deal as this is my second shower. Here are all the details from my point of view:

Joie, Phil, and I arrived just as my guests were getting to Lauren’s house. I love that we have some photos of just us three before we add our fourth!

I mean, does it get any cuter than this? What a great idea to set up the event in Lauren’s newly landscaped front yard! It is such a perfect clean backdrop, and I am so grateful that the weather cooperated.

Lauren and I are not the only ones in the family who do events for a living … Our soon to be sister in law’s sister, Lindsey, is responsible for this perfect professionally done balloon garland. So amazing! 

Other details that caught my eye were these neon pink plastic servingware (LOVE!) and vintage vases full of flowers in every shade of pink! Chairs and linens were provided by our favorite party vendor, Signature Party Rentals, of course!

Printed seating cards told all of my guests where to sit …

… and these sprinkle take home gifts were such a hit!

I especially love my pink personalized Rachel Miriam bag that was waiting for me at my seat!

This adorable teepee that comes complete with a felt campfire, s’mores, and adorable star shaped twinkle lights is a favorite of ours from Heartcraft Girl! I was so excited to get my own and bring it home for my girls to play in! It made for the cutest display at the party when all of our guests put their gifts inside. Here is a link and 20% off to purchase your own!

Lauren used her adorable covered entry area as a place to house all of the food. The salads and sandwiches from Lemonade were so yummy!

So were all of the treats!

This cake was made by Ashlee of cream+sugar (aka my sister in law) and “sprinkled with love”! 

I love LOVE these Daks to the 4th custom cookies she made too …

… and honestly can’t get over the fact that this was Ashlee’s first attempt at making macaroons! So much talent! 

Thank you Lauren (and Scott) for hosting this really special day for me and my family! You are the best sister and business partner a girl can ask for … but from now on, I get to do all the major party planning!

I know Lauren’s girls are excited to add another female cousin into their girl tribe!

I especially want to thank this group of girls (Maya, Lauren, Ashlee, Rebecca, and Lindsey who was taking the photo) for all of their hard work and creativity! My sisters truly are the best!!! 


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