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This past weekend our brother, Aaron, turned 25! For this special birthday we couldn’t just do the normal family dinner. This occasion called for a bigger gathering. So two of Aaron’s closest friends (Erica and Jessie) and his siblings (ourselves and our sister, Rebecca) as well as our parents got together to plan a big surprise.

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Ever since Aaron was little, he has had a thing for wearing silly hats. In fact, we can distinctly remember him walking around the house in a top hat just for fun and his personal hat collection is larger than anyone else’s we know. Luckily, Aaron’s hosts know that when planning a party you must keep your guest of honor in mind, and  just like that a theme was born … Aaron’s Silly Hat Party!

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In preparation of this party, we sent our parents on a mission … to steal Aaron’s hat collection. They were successful! Although there were already many hats to choose from, most guests used this opportunity to wear their own favorite silly hat. Can you believe two people showed up wearing the exact same hat?

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Two of Aaron’s closest friends went through his Facebook and happened upon many photos of our brother in his many silly hats. They created this adorable photo banner using all of their findings.

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We were put in charge of snacks. We collected a few of Aaron’s favorite things; Goldfish crackers, our famous “mix” with a Halloween twist, and some chips and dips, as well as Aaron’s favorite drinks.

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In the end, Aaron was super surprised! In fact, we believe his exact words were, “If you asked me to list off a thousand things I could possibly be doing that night, having a surprise party would not have been one of them!” It was so much fun for us to get to celebrate this special day with our little brother and know that he had a great time as well. What else can you ask for? Well, if your answer to that question is karaoke … we had that too! Happy Birthday Aaron! We love you!


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