In our Pining For Pinterest posts, we prepare our readers for the upcoming season with interior shots alongside decor and event details in a fresh, new color story and overall look. Summer is in full swing! The sun is out and we are all trying to spend as much time outdoors as possible while still adhering to the social distancing rules in place! Please enjoy as we take you through our inspiration for two totally different concepts that stay true to the essence of the Side by Side Design model of Interior Design and Event Planning going hand in hand. These events, whether casual or over-the-top, are meant to take place where you feel most at home … and since that’s where we all spend most of our time these days it just makes sense to create at-home events. Are we right!?

Tami’s Pins: What’s “pin”spiring me this season? Summer vibes with a Moroccan twist! So we all know we are limiting our interactions these days, but that doesn’t mean our celebrations should take a back seat. I am picturing a beautiful bohemian backyard picnic for a few special friends (or those in your pod) with Moroccan tea (or maybe something stronger), casual attire, and pillows on the floor. 

You actually have to leave your cozy indoor retreat for this one …

… but the patio set up is not so bad either (wink).

Isn’t this the most gorgeous spread?

Make yourself a cocktail before getting ready for your guests … You have all the time in the world today!

Keeping it casual in cozy backyard attire …

… and adorable silk robes for your friends!

Who writes the rules these days? You do … and your rules state nobody leaves until they’ve had an ice cream sandwich!

Lauren’s Pins: What’s “pin”spiring me this season? Micro-weddings, showers, and more! Were you planning a lavish Summer wedding that has been postponed? You’re in great company! This is unfortunately very common right now, but no need to put off your big day all together! Time to plan an intimate micro-wedding, micro-wedding weekend, or small but stunning shower for those you hold most dear. They can still be part of celebrating this most special day in your life. The rest to come next year!

White, on white, on white … yes, please!

Perfect locations for this type of intimate gathering include weekend staycations at your local boutique hotel, an awesome Airbnb, or host where you feel most at home. Your house, of course!

I have no words for this fabulous set up!

The biggest bouquet for the Bride-to-Be. 

No need for fuss or frill, but definitely wear white!

Refreshing cocktails will set the tone …

… and something sweet is always a treat!

This Summer is beyond busy. Although some of the events have been put on hold, we have been working on lots of fabulous interior projects, tons of in a BOX gifts for some very special people, and we are certainly ready to help you with your next intimate home event. We look forward to using some of this inspiration in our own planning as well. We would love to work with you in creating the right look this Summer by tying in the inspiration of your event with the essence of your home decor. Contact us at for more information. 

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