When we decided it was time to finally create the website of our dreams, two things were most important to us. The first was choosing the right web designer to bring our vision to life, which (as we shared in our previous post, website inspiration) is well underway. We will continue to work with Kristin over the next few months and anxiously and excitedly look forward to our launch date on June 1st. The second most important thing, was having beautiful photographs to showcase our vision, our work, and ourselves as the designers.

Tomorrow is the official day of our branding photo shoot (as we mentioned in this month’s Get Inspired¬†post), and it’s really all we can think about! So please forgive us as it is in the forefront of our minds, and therefore the only thing we could focus on posting about today. But, hey we figured you would be excited to see our inspiration anyway! Here’s a little sneak peek into what we (along with our vendors) are planning to accomplish tomorrow:

We are beyond excited to be working with an amazing photographer, Hannah Lux Davis of Hey! Shiny Objects!, for our photo shoot. She and our cousin Taryn (make up artist of Face You Beauty) have really helped us throughout the entire process to fine tune our vision. We feel that a fashion forward look with a neutral color palette truly speaks to our aesthetic. These inspiration photos do the trick in showing what we are trying to portray and give off a classy, elegant vibe. We love how the models in these photos are dressed to the nines in formal gowns with simple architectural elements in the background. How fitting is it that our inspiration photos are also of sisters? We plan to channel the “Fanning’s” and “Olsen’s” energy in our own shoot and their business sense as well.
We also felt it imperative to include an event space (if you will) in our photos. When displayed on our website, one set of photographs will portray both “sides” of our business and help to explain our business model (seeing as this is meant to show an at home event). The top left photo is the actual space where this portion of the photo shoot will take place. We have once again pulled inspiration which compliments the space and stays true to our aesthetic as well. We have rented chairs and pulled accessories and gorgeous china from our own collection to complete the look, but we are most excited to see what Kayla (our florist of House of Magnolias) has in store. We love the look of the classic floral arrangements from these photos and Kayla was excited to help us bring our vision to life.
The planning for this project, while it hasn’t been easy, has been a great opportunity for us to work with other creative individuals and to really tune into what we want our overall look for our brand to be. Tomorrow will be exhausting we are sure, but also so rewarding. We can’t wait to get all dressed up, set a beautiful table, and relish in the fact that when these photos are complete we will have them to use in creating our dream website. Let’s get this show on the road!

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