Written by: Tami

Happy New Year! We are so excited to start off this year with an exciting event that truly showcases our business in the best way. This past weekend, we helped a family put together a very special party in their home to ring in the new year in an old Hollywood kinda way.

The first things guests see when arriving at a party are key in setting the tone for the entire evening. As each guest was welcomed in (all decked out in fancy furs and other glam attire), they were greeted by this gorgeous wreath that already existed on the host’s door. We incorporated a few fresh florals in the party’s color scheme and a festive feather to help set the tone.

It honestly gave me chills when this family mentioned that they would be planning this party in honor of a very special woman in their lives. I know that the theme and overall energy of the night was all a reflection of who she was.

Appetizers such as these adorable veggie cups were enjoyed upon guests arrival, but by no means were the end to the menu for the evening. Delicious empanadas, homemade ziti, and savory chicken skewers were served as the main course and decadent desserts took over the buffet later on too.

As you know, we work with many vendors on the events side of our business who create things such as floral arrangements for the parties that we plan. However, we usually put our own special touches on the decor for these events as well. I am pretty proud of the flower arrangements that I created with their all white and green buds and super unique details! Mini disco balls … Yes, please!

More appetizers were set up in the outdoor area atop a wooden bar cart filled with sparkly fabric. Oh so festive!

Feathers, more disco balls, and lit mercury glass candles set the tone in this area as well.

DJ Michael Moves really got this party started! A little Frank Sinatra to go with the theme and then a walk through the different eras until the present day. All their guests had fun dancing, and I’m not gonna lie … I caught myself busting a move a time or two. I just couldn’t help myself. The music was that good!

While we are talking about dancing, I should mention that clearing space and adding lighting made for the perfect “dance floor”.

As for decor, we knew that adding in lots of fresh florals, a few feathers here and there, and candlelight would make this old Hollywood glam theme come to life.

It was my client’s attention to detail when it came to lights that really made me the most happy. She way outdid herself and incorporated so many twinkle lights in her backyard.

Black and white linens, cocktail tables, and chairs were brought in for some additional seating and to make this backyard feel more party ready.

Each small flower arrangement had its own personality and was housed in stunning antique bud vases.

The bar was set up around garland and more lights. I love the fabric that was incorporated here as well!

As I mentioned, each area had a little old Hollywood flair!

A fun photo booth backdrop is a must for every gathering! This one was made of lights, greenery, and a metallic moon with stars.

Props are so much fun too … Fedoras and cigars for the guys, feather boas, satin gloves, and pearls for the gals.

We created this adorable art deco inspired sign from a simple chalkboard and gold metallic chalkboard pen.

A matching sign encouraged guests to hashtag the photos they took so the hosts could look back on all the fun everyone had.

The night ended with sweets galore! Some homemade and others from a local favorite spot … Porto’s!

It’s all work and no play for those of us in the event planning industry … Who am I kidding? I love what I do, and I love getting to snap fun photos like these with my vendors!

The true essence of Side by Side Design is getting the opportunity to work closely with our clients to bring their vision to life, and it was beyond a dream working with Nelly (the hostess). She is creative and hands on, yet trusted us to help her with all of her decor needs. I hope you all have enjoyed these photos as much as I did planning this event. Stay tuned for so many more to come in 2019!


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