Today is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (This one definitely sounds made up!), and therefore we are thinking back on all of the yummy chocolate covered treats we have made. Instead of just sharing one recipe, we have decided to share our favorite five with all of you. Whether you use these recipes or one of your own, make sure you cover something in chocolate today!


#5: As seen in our post, S’mores Skewers – Winter is a great time to sit around a fire … Therefore make s’mores! If you are looking for a new recipe to try, these s’mores skewers don’t need a fire at all. The marshmallows are however, dipped in chocolate and then rolled in a graham cracker crumble (Cinnamon for best results!).


#4: As seen in our post, Cupcake Contest – What could be bad about a cupcake in a cone that looks like a real ice cream sundae? We even dyed the cupcake batter with green food coloring and added mint flavor and mini chocolate chips to make it more authentic. We also added white frosting, a maraschino cherry, and covered them in chocolate. Once the holiday season is here, our birthday is just around the corner … Maybe we will make this chocolate covered treat this year!


#3: As seen in our post, Holiday Treats – We always like to have treats on hand to give away to our family and friends for the holidays. In fact, this is one of the few times a year that we bake. A few years ago we filled these beautifully wrapped treat boxes with three different types of sweets; blondie bars topped with pretzels peanuts and caramel, salted caramel brownies, and chocolate covered peanut butter balls … Delicious!


#2: As seen in our post, A Celebration For All Ages – Our favorite Chanukkah treat growing up was candy dreidels. We used to make them every year! Last year, we came across the recipe for an amped up version of this favorite treat … Chocolaate covered and oh so good!


… and our #1 most favorite treat: As seen in our post, Holiday Cookie Exchange – Ever been to a holiday cookie exchange? They are fabulous! After all, what could be bad about making a bunch of cookies, enjoying time with friends, and then returning home with a package of all different types of treats? A few years ago, we made these chocolate dipped peppermint Oreos to trade and they were a huge hit!

What is your favorite chocolate covered treat? Comments encouraged below!


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