As a follow up to last week’s birthday theme, we are excited to share an extra special post with you today! This past weekend, we threw ourselves a Moroccan tea party in honor of our birthday. It was so much fun to celebrate this special day with our closest friends and siblings. The Moroccan theme (and the fact that it was in Lauren’s home) just made it that much more relaxed yet festive. 

Our dad was born in Morocco, so although we have never been there, we have always felt connected to that part of our heritage. We love the rich jewel tone colors, gold and silver accents, and comfortable feel involved in this theme. We used orange and silver sequined throw pillows as well as a small silver pouf (from Ava’s nursery) to give cozy spaces to sit. Lanterns were included for additional candle light, and we lit almost every candle we own to create the mood.
What is a Moroccan tea party without Moroccan tea? All it takes is a little hot water, fresh mint, and a teaspoon of sugar. Adding these traditional clear and hot pink Moroccan glasses into the mix made it even that much more authentic.
A beautiful assortment of snacks is accompanied by a photo of us (the birthday girls). We love the fact that no forks were necessary. These finger foods (or “toothpicked” foods) were fun for all of our guests. Delicious cheeses, crackers, nuts, and dried fruit were the perfect mix.
Fresh fruit, figs, dates, and raisins were selected at our local farmer’s market. We even made special stuffed dates for our guests to enjoy.
Lauren’s dining table was set with an assortment of Moroccan style cookies found at a local kosher market and the most delicious dates we have ever had … they taste like butterscotch and melt in your mouth!
Each of our friends had so much fun socializing, meeting new people, and mixing their own drinks. We made our signature cocktail for the evening (3 parts Fireball, 2 parts Amaretto, and 1 part orange juice) and passed it out in shot form for a special “cheers”.
What else could we ask for? It was truly a beautiful day (in the 80’s) in LA and turned out to be a beautiful evening as well. Our friends enjoyed lounging outdoors. As we figured this would be the case, we brought the theme outside as well.

As twins, we truly love getting the opportunity to share our special day together and love to involve our friends as well. As designers, we love to choose a theme for our own events and see it carried through to the decor, cuisine, and overall flow of the party. We would love to work with you Side by Side to create a concept for your next at-home event. Let us know what we can do to help. We are just a quick email away!



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