Written by: Lauren

One of my clients (in fact, the one I have had the longest) is in the process of finding a new home. Although the home that they are in now has a very traditionally Tuscan and over-the-top vibe, they plan to keep it as is and start new. They have explained to me on a few occasions that each home they have had in their past has been designed differently and reflects a unique style, and the client has even shared with me the style she hopes she can incorporate into her next space, which she calls “modern with antiques”. I am very intrigued by the thought of this design style but wanted to fully understand what this truly meant to this particular client. I pride myself in holding onto the best of the best photos that Pinterest has to offer and thought that would be the perfect place to start. I put together five concepts that fit the “modern with antiques description”, my client’s over-the top taste, and with just enough “oomph” to really wow them. I am saving these for the day that they are ready to take this next step, but was so excited about the different options that I came up with that I had to share them with someone. Please tell me which one you would choose:

modern with antiques 1

#1 Bright and Bold – Bold color choices used in unexpected ways mixed with wild animal prints and lots of gold details makes this option the one to beat.

modern with antiques 2

#2 Wild and Eclectic – Deep aubergine, wild patterns, and a taste of Hollywood Regency. This option is unexpected which makes it so much fun!

modern with antiques 3

#3 Dark and Moody – Dark colors, edgy details, and over-sized mirrors creates a mood worth talking about.

modern with antiques 4

#4 Light and Mellow – Monochromatic colors, subtle elegance, with just enough glamour to push this choice over the top.

modern with antiques 5

#5 Unique and Artistic – One of a kind pieces of furniture, fabulous artwork, and an unexpected color scheme sets this option apart.

Vote below or on our social media … Which of these five looks do you like best? Leave a comment on our blog or on one of our social media accounts (links at the top of the screen). We will be posting the results for our Reader Favorite Award this Friday as well as the client’s decision coming soon.


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