Written by: Lauren

The work at our Modern With Antiques Home is coming to an end. Such a bittersweet moment, but I know that it’s never really the end with this fabulous couple and we will find ways in our future to work together again. The good part is the rooms in this home are wrapping up, and I finally get to share them with all of you. We are finalizing each finishing touch and as they are added I will share all the details here on the blog. For now, I thought it was fitting to start at the beginning with their entry. Enjoy!

Early on we nicknamed this project “Modern With Antiques”. Throughout the process the clients tended to go more modern, and I wasn’t quite sure how the antiques portion would fully play out. This space truly shows that it worked out! This larger than life mirror was already there, but we used it to create an abstract painting like no other! For example, we needed this piece to be extremely stark to balance off the ornate detail of the door and the vintage console and mirror set.

See what I mean? I think they balance each other off well, and the crisp white walls and marble floors helps to keep everything current. Angel strikes again! Our specialty painter is just so talented! Can you believe she created this amazing art work and refinished the doors as well?

We found this amazing set at one of my favorite vintage stores, Rebound. I love how its art deco style looks in this room, and it fit too perfectly to pass up. We selected just the right accessories from the couple’s personal collection to place on top which bring just the right amount of life to the space.

Angel also created the specialty finish on the elevator door, and I am loving the texture and color.

I hope this got you excited to see more spaces from our Modern With Antiques Home Tour. I will be sharing one of my favorite rooms next week … The master bathroom, so be sure to check back in!


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