Written by: Lauren

If you remember our last post about this Modern Elegance home, you will remember that I said it is amazing having the perfect blank canvas to work with and an amazing client as well! When we first began working on this project several months ago, he wanted to start with the master closet first and move on from there. We took a small break from this space in order to get some furniture going in the home and to find the right manufacturer or closet company to work with. We have narrowed it down to a few at this point, and I feel like we narrowed down the design as well along the way.


As I said, it is a completely blank canvas! This whole room is intended as a master his and hers closet, and a magnificent one it is going to be!

In Process

We want to keep this space completely open while still giving dedicated closet space to him and her separately. At the end of the walkway there is a separate room which my client intends to use as a gym, and I think it will be very cool to have shoes going down the whole right side wall with a full length mirror in the center. We want to give each of them plenty of space for hanging and for their amazing wardrobes but still have the overall boutique feel.

Master Closet Inspiration

This board shows the overall concept for the closet with an overall high end Italian feel. We want to incorporate some sort of rich veneer mixed with glass and metal and give each portion of the closet touches of masculinity or femininity to define the separate spaces.

These images show more of our inspiration. I love the sofa at the end of the island, the mixed materials, glass doors with metal surrounds, the leather ceiling, and the overall pristine look.

One more board I put together … The image on the right shows the concept for the shoe wall (Although, we will need to fit in more shoes than this!). I love how they did the lighting in this space, and I actually kinda love the low seating area in the window with the draperies framing it off.

My client’s taste is definitely reflected in the overall look of this master closet, however he has also requested while designing the space that this needs to be a huge selling feature if he chooses to list the property. I believe we have come up with an overall timeless, classic, and elegant look that should serve him and the future well. What do you think? For more information about our design services, contact us at info@sbsdesignla.com.


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