Written by: Lauren

Things are moving right along in my client’s Modern Elegance home, and we are finally starting to see things come together. The first load of furniture has finally arrived from Italy and the next few are set to arrive in the next few weeks. It’s pretty amazing seeing all of the hard work and visions coming to life. Today I want to share with you what we have so far in this formal living room. It’s still a work in progress but far enough along to share.


This room and its views really do stand on their own and are tough to beat! I don’t want to do too much to distract from its beauty but feel like the right pieces will dress it up just enough to enhance it.

In Process

All of the large pieces of furniture have been ordered from Visionnaire and are slowly arriving. For this space, I am letting the room evolve as we go and see where it takes us. For now, the pieces stand for themselves and don’t fight with the gorgeous view, but we will see if it needs more when all of the furniture is in place.

Living Room Inspiration

Here are all the pieces we have on order. My client’s favorite marble (Sahara Noir) will be mixed into some of the pieces to tie it all together, and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

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